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May 24, 2004

Ley me down in Milton Keynes

Referring to an earlier post here, Alison Scott makes a startling revelation:

Milton Keynes is designed so that at sunrise on Midsummer's day, the sun is aligned directly with Midsummer Boulevard & is reflected in the mirror finish of the railway station.

Further investigation threw up a 1991 article by respected Earth Mysteries writer Bob Trubshaw. It seems it is much more complicated than that:

May 23, 2004

Here comes the sun

India: Prattle readers are probably familiar with sites such as Newgrange and Maes Howe, where the light from the sun hits a particular point on a significant day each year. But such astronomical tricks aren't restricted to the North-west European neolithic - a modern Jain temple has been designed to include a similar phenomenon.

For the past 17 years, thousands of devotees have been converging to a Jain temple in this Gujarat capital to witness the rays of the sun create a 'tilak' on the forehead of an idol of Lord Mahavir.
The phenomenon occurs every year May 22 at 2.07 p.m. and is seen by people as a divine event.

The architect explained:

Hemant Shah, the man behind the design of the temple, said: I wanted to commemorate our religious leader's death in a special way. Maharaj's death also took place at 2.07 p.m. on May 22, the exact time of the sun applying tilak on Lord Mahavir's forehead.
We consulted an astrologer to realise this phenomenon. The first year was a waste, since the sun's rays missed the forehead of Lord Mahavir but the next year, we worked with precision and now the result is here for the world to see.

Thousands witness rare event at Gujarat temple - NewKerala.com, 23rd May 2004.

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