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May 31, 2002

Ministers vote themselves large pay rise

It must be something about that room - Church of Scotland ministers have voted themselves pay rises of up to 15%, even though the Kirk is in financial trouble. At the moment, the starting salary for a new minister is £18,700, and the rate of inflation is less than 3%. Some ministers objected - Rev. Ewan Aitken told the assembly:

It doesn't look good if we're raising wages way above what poor people, who we're trying to reach out to, could earn.

When the Kirk isn't using it, the Church of Scotland's assembly room is home to the Scottish Parliament. Pennies from heaven for ministers - BBC News, May 31st 2002.

May 22, 2002

Prattle sweep time

How long before fundies start claiming this is a 'proven' case of satanic ritual abuse? A man has been accused of four counts of child abuse in Des Moines. He is alleged to have used "white magic" as a lure, though the rituals bear no resemblence to any known tradition:

The 14-year-old and her 19-year-old sister told authorities that the man said he could cleanse them by performing magic that involved eggs being rolled or broken and rubbed across the body. The man also allegedly told them they had to have sex with someone they did not know to complete the cleansing.

Suspiciously, both sisters had abortions on the same day last month. Back in the early nineties, the closest thing Professor Jean LaFontaine could find to the fundie allegations of vast networks of organised satanic abuse were three cases like this where the perpetrator acted alone (or as a couple in one case), and made stuff up to impress their targets, make them more compliant, or simply to scare them into keeping quiet. Two of the LaFontaine cases were Christian in nature. Suspect allegedly invoked magic - Des Moines Register, May 21st 2002.

May 12, 2002

Fundie entryism in Scotland

"Christian" fundamentalists have tried using the courts to force their views on the people of Scotland. They failed. "Christian" fundamentalists tried spending millions of pounds on advertising to push their homophobic views on the people of Scotland. They failed. Last election, "Christian" fundamentalists formed their own poltical party and tried to get themselves elected to the Westminster parliament. They failed. Now they've decided to sneak into the main political parties and try and make them conform to their narrow view of society via a campaign of entryism, exposed in today's Scotland on Sunday newspaper.

A Scotland on Sunday investigation has established that Christian Action Research and Education (Care), a UK charity with an annual income of £2.4m, has drawn up plans for as many of its members as possible to join mainstream political parties.

Now it plans to escalate its activities by persuading members to join the Labour party, SNP, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in Scotland and influence their internal candidate selection procedures.

Noting that selection procedures are now underway for parliamentary candidates, the internet appeal adds: This provides an opportunity for Christians to influence this selection process by joining political parties and asking the potential candidates their views on a range of issues.

In another message, the group claims Britain's political system presents Care with huge opportunities to influence the governance of our society.

It suggests activists join with a friend so that you can support each other in making a difference.

It is illegal throughout the UK for registered charities to engage in political activities. Christians plot political infiltrationScotland On Sunday, May 12th 2002. (if the article has expired, the password for spamtrap@antipope.org is Crail63)

May 11, 2002

They were wrong to trust me

A Canadian Roman Catholic priest found guilty of abusing a teenager has sued the youth's parents, claiming they were negligent in allowing the young man to spend time with him! Priest guilty of abuse sues family - Toronto Star, May 11th 2002.

Witlesses to cover up abuse too

The Roman Catholic Church isn't the only religious organisation with child abuse problems at the moment, nor is it the only one trying to cover it up rather than deal with it. Four Jehovah's Witnesses in Kentucky face expulsion for speaking out against their church's handling of allegations of sexual abuse of children. The church has refused to report the allegations to the appropriate authorities and insists on dealing with it internally - the same attitude which has caused the current scandal in the Catholic Church. Four Jehovah's Witnesses face ouster after criticizing church - Dallas News, May 10th 2002.

May 1, 2002

Church policy to break law

The Catholic Church in South Africa has decided that the law on child abuse does not apply to them. The 1993 Prevention of Family Violence Act makes it a crime for anyone who treats, instructs, advises or cares for a child to withhold information about abuse from the authorities but the Church has decided that they should continue to treat it as an internal matter. This is the same attitude responsible for the current scandal in the United States and legal authorities are not impressed. Catholic Church is above SA's abuse law - The Mercury (via IOL), April 30th 2002.

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