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October 27, 2003

A tradition, or an old charter, or something

United States: A notoriously homophobic preacher has been charged with criminal attempt to lure a child into a motor vehicle, and criminal solicitation to involuntary deviant sexual intercourse after he allegedly offered a 14-year-old boy $20 for oral sex.

According to court documents, White approached the teen in a green Ford van and asked if he knew of any strip clubs, adult book stores or shops that sold sexually explicit videos. When then the boy said he did not, White unsuccessfully attempted to lure the boy into the vehicle. White then told the boy he could make some money by letting White perform oral sex on him.

The boy refused, and made a note of the vehicle's registration instead. This is the second similar case recently:

Last week, a Florida preacher was charged with attempting to lure a 15-year-old boy for sex. Police arrested Hewart Lee Bennett of West Palm Beach. He is accused of using a gay Internet chat room to pick up the teen. Bennett who is an assistant youth minister at the First Seventh Day Adventist Church in West Palm Beach says he was using the chat room to talk to young boys and girls about being gay and try to put them on the right path.

Personally, I think attempting to screw the minds of young people is a far worse offence. Anti-Gay Preacher Busted Soliciting 14 Year Old Boy - 365Gay Newscenter, 26th October 2003.

October 26, 2003

Thou shalt... covet thy neighbour's ass

Avedon Carol examines right-wing 'Christians' who are extremely selective about their use of the Bible, and provides a summary of the discussion among Christian bloggers who are baffled that such spin can be placed on Jesus' teachings.

October 16, 2003

'Satanist' attack liar dies.

New Zealand: A 39-year-old detective found dead in a parked car near the Bay of Plenty had an interesting past. Seven years ago, he faked an attack by Satanists which destroyed his home.

The Garner home in Oak Cres, Ashhurst, exploded in flames about 4am. Garner, bleeding from criss-cross slashes over his back and bound hand and foot, was found lying in the back yard...
Garner had inflicted the wounds to his back with a scalpel blade held in a stick, which had been destroyed in the house fire.
Police said the elaborate, bizarre and truly extraordinary set of events had arisen because Garner wanted to get the insurance money from the house, leave his wife and two small children, and move in with a civilian police worker.

He claimed that his biggest mistake had been underestimating the abilities of his own profession. Satanist 'attack' detective found dead - Manawatu Evening Standard, 16th October 2003.

October 14, 2003

The devils in people's arses

Roz Kaveney has penned a huge rant about Christianity and homosexuality, which goes via Japan, India, Greece and Rome before arriving here and now:

If the Anglican church suppresses the idea of gay clergy, after an immense struggle, will a single starving child be saved? A single soldier disarmed? A single rich man persuaded to renounce obscene wealth?

October 7, 2003

How to boost your popularity.

Rune Henning Johansen demonstrates an egregious example of the Church of Scientology playing with Photoshop to make an event look busier than it was. Here's another example of how not to use the clone tool.

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