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November 11, 2003

A mixed message

United States: According to the Metropolitan Community Church, a predominantly gay and lesbian Christian congregation, they received a letter from George W. Bush congratulating them on their 35th anniversary during a week officially dedicated to denying civil rights to lesbians and gay men!

In his letter dated October 14, 2003, to MCC Los Angeles, the founding congregation of Metropolitan Community Churches, President Bush wrote, By encouraging the celebration of faith and sharing of God's love and boundless mercy, churches like yours put hope in people's hearts and a sense of purpose in their lives. This milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on your years of service and to rejoice in God's faithfulness to your congregation.

The letter was written during the anti-gay Marriage Protection Week, an effort endorsed by President Bush and organized by such Religious Right leaders as Jerry Falwell, Dr. James Dobson, the Southern Baptist Convention and the American Family Association to deny equality under the law to gays and lesbians.

In his proclamation endorsing Marriage Protection Week, President Bush wrote, Marriage is a sacred institution, and its protection is essential to the continued strength of our society. Marriage Protection Week provides an opportunity to focus our efforts on preserving the sanctity of marriage and on building strong and healthy marriages in America.

The Metropolitan Community church performs more than 6,000 same-sex weddings annually in its 300 churches in 22 countries. U.S. President Bush Congratulates Predominantly Gay MCC Church On 35th Anniversary Letter Arrives During Bush-Endorsed Anti-Gay Marriage Protection Week - Metropolitan Community Church Press Release, 10th November 2003.

November 4, 2003

Devil makes work for self

United States: Satan has been hard at work if the number of times the Devil made me do it defence has cropped up in US courtrooms recently is anything to go by. The Californian looks at a number of cases and asks why such defences are used in this day and age:

The devil made me do it defense has been adopted as legal phraseology for any occasion when a defendant tries to excuse his or her actions by blaming something beside themselves. Twinkies, abusive parents and demonic control all have gotten major play in a number of high-profile cases, and now prosecutors and legal experts point to it as a trend in defense strategy.
Now we blame more modern things, said Terry Spitz, chief assistant Monterey County district attorney. But, generally, if you've got someone who is earnestly talking about the devil ... and you have some tape that shows there is probably some mental illness, then I know I am not really preparing for discussion of religious views but actually for some psychiatric or clinical issues.

Twinkies to demons: Defense seeks ploys - The Californian, 4th November 2003.

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