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March 22, 2004

Churches Using TV to Pimp for Customers

United States: I'm a wee bit confused over church advertising. Wouldn't using television advertising to pimp for customers be in violation of their dodgy tax-free status? Not to mention a blatant misuse of funds.

Two weeks ago, first-time commercials for the United Church of Christ (UCC) began airing in six areas from Sarasota, Fla., to Oklahoma City in a bid to boost name recognition and worship attendance before Easter. Monday, the Unitarian Universalist Association began a national campaign to buy airtime for their Uncommon Denomination ads, first tested in Kansas City last year. This summer, the United Methodist Church will hear proposals for expanding what has been a four-year, $18 million campaign to replenish dwindling congregations.
For church marketers, TV ads have been the missing link between congregations with much to offer and individuals in search of a place where they feel welcome.
It may well be that the church we created in 1957 is just right for today's people, but they don't know we exist, said Ron Buford, coordinator of the UCC's campaign. The medium for today is TV. You don't exist if you're not on TV.
Yet for scholars of church trends, the dawn of mass marketing suggests that quest for church unity has given way to an ethic of survival of the fittest.

Mainstream churches take a leap of faith into TV advertising - Christian Science Monitor, 16th March 2004.

March 5, 2004

The Truth about The Bible

Evil Bible.com exposes the real Bible, and it ain't nice:

For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes. The so called God of the Bible makes Osama Bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. This God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children. I have included references to the Biblical passages, so grab your Bible and follow along.

After summarising some of the main points, we are reminded

This type of criminal behavior should shock any moral person. Murder, rape, pillage, plunder, slavery, and child abuse can not be justified by saying that some god says it's OK. If more people would actually sit down and read the Bible there would be a lot more atheists like myself...
...I know that most Christians believe that God is a good and loving god, and wants people to do good things. I believe that most people want to do good things and behave morally. I also believe that many Christians haven't really read the Bible, or just read certain passages in church. This is understandable, as the Bible is hard to read due to its archaic language and obscure references. Also many priests and preachers don't like to read certain passages in the Bible because they present a message of hate not love.

(via too many topics, too little time)

March 4, 2004

Drunken Polish Nun Crashes her Tractor

Poland: After sampling the communal wine a Benedictine nun in Poland fired up the tractorgot herself in a bit of bother.

A Benedictine nun in Poland could lose her driving licence, after hitting a car parked outside her convent while drunk at the wheel of a tractor.
Police say the 45-year-old nun was not even in a fit state to blow into a breathalyser, after the accident at Krzeszow in the country's south-east.
A spokesman says officers are awaiting the results of a blood-alcohol test before charging her.

Drinking a factor as nun crashes tractor - AFP, 3rd March 2004.

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