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June 27, 2004

God-botherer invents 'pagan' rites for abuse

Australia: The Queensland National Party official accused of underage sex with young men has been found guilty, much to his own astonishment. Garry Robin Ford proclaimed that God would judge his accusers. The allegations involved some rather unrecognisable 'pagan' rituals (a term the Murdoch-owned NEWS.com.au uses without qualification).

The Supreme Court in Brisbane was told schoolboys had sat in a candle-lit circle as their black-caped teacher chanted and danced.
They allegedly performed sex acts on each other and on Ford to be initiated into his White Brotherhood sect.

Ford had earlier told the court that he was trying to mentor one of the youths to put God first.

Although fundies are likely to proclaim that this case is definite proof of satanic ritual abuse, it matches rather closely a phenomenon observed by Professor Jean LaFontaine back in 1994. She stated that the defining characteristic of satanic abuse was that the sexual and physical abuse of children is part of rites directed to a magical or religious objective and observed that there was no evidence that these have taken place in any of the 84 cases studied. She then went on to describe what she called 'ritual abuse' (though believers in the myth do not make such a differentiation):

Three substantiated cases of ritual, not satanic, abuse were found. These are cases in which self-proclaimed mystical/magical powers were used to entrap children and impress them (and also adults) with a reason for the sexual abuse, keeping the victims compliant and ensuring their silence. In these cases the ritual was secondary to the sexual abuse which clearly formed the primary objective of the perpetrators. The rituals performed in these cases did not resemble those that figured in the allegations of the other 81 cases. [LaFontaine 1994, 30. Emphasis in original.]

In her more detailed analysis, she stated that the 'rituals' were invented and led by single individuals and that none of the three men concerned learned the rituals from belonging to an occult group [LaFontaine 1994, 24]. Books relating to the ritual context were found but none of them were by Satanists or Aleister Crowley [ibid.]. In a later book, she explained that this was because in two of the three cases the ideas and practices did not resemble any known occult beliefs or rituals [LaFontaine 1998, 85]. The only case which did bear such a resemblance involved a man who clearly wasn't an occultist, claiming that he was Lucifer! If that's an occultist, then the perpetrator in one of the other cases, who claimed he was on a mission from the Virgin Mary, is a Catholic.

Ex-Nats official guilty of teen sex - NEWS.com.au, 27th June 2004; LaFontaine, J. S. 1994. The Extent and Nature of Organised and Ritual Abuse: Research Findings, London, HMSO; LaFontaine, J. S. 1998. Speak of the Devil. Tales of satanic abuse in contemporary England, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press; Campaign Office in Trouble Over Orgies - Pagan Prattle 27th June 2004.

Campaign Office in Trouble Over Orgies

Australia: Apparently I live under a rock and missed this delightful gem that the lovely Feòrag sent my way.

A jury in Brisbane has heard claims of orgies in a unit used as a National Party electoral campaign office during the lead-up to Queensland's historic 1989 state election.

This is when the Nats were ousted from their 32 year reign in power. Their dictator in chief was Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen who finally managed to get caught out and was forced to resign in 1987. So things were not looking too rosy for a National Party win in the 1989 elections when the master of election rigging was no longer at the helm.

June 26, 2004

New Ager calls for more pollution

Scotland: The owner of a New Age tat and bookshop in Edinburgh's Old Town is blaming parking restrictions in the city's narrow streets for the closure of his business. His shop, Wildwood Books, is on the main tourist drag, the Royal Mile and the fact that tourism is substantially down, since Americans became scared of flying, appears to have nothing to do with it.

Parking blamed as city tycoon closes stores - Edinburgh Evening News (BugMeNot), 26th June 2004.

Rock music promotes hatred

The Vatican: The Roman Catholic Church has jumped onto the Satanism bandwagon, with the publication by its news agency of a rather odd interview with 'journalist' Carlo Climati, in which he accuses rock bands of spreading a non-culture of violence, drugs and hatred. He describes the slippery slope along which a sweet, innocent adolescent becomes a hard-core Satanic criminal, through the evils of the net:

The first phase generally consists of the simple and banal interest in a Satanic singer. First, a young person buys his CDs and is passionate about his music. But then he feels the need to know more about the singer.
The second step is knowledge of the texts of the songs and the consequent exposure to a transgressive philosophy of life.
The third phase is the young person's purchase of music magazines that talk about his favorite singer. Lately, in certain rock periodicals, there is not just talk of music, but also of Satanism and esotericism. Sometimes even addresses are given of Satanic sects or Internet sites of singers linked to the world of the occult.
So, in order to know more, the fourth phase is entered: the search on Internet. Starting from simple curiosity for the sites of Satanic rock singers, there is the risk of going to the pages of authentic sects, or discussion groups frequented by Satanists.
The fifth and last phase is the young person's direct contact, through e-mail, with a sect or a practitioner of black magic.

At least he didn't accuse Satanists of sexually abusing children and then covering up the evidence.

5 Phases of an Adolescent's Slide Into Satanism - Zenit, 25th June 2004; Lazy Cops Blame Satan - Pagan Prattle, 11th June 2004.

June 7, 2004

Gay men fund fundie bid to oppress them

The loony fundie party running in the European Parliamentary Elections in the UK on Thursday is funded with royalties from a song deliberately aimed at the gay market. Sinitta's So Macho was written by George Hargreaves, a songwriter and promoter who subsequenty turned Christian, and he has donated his royalties from that song to Opearation Christian Vote.

Ironically, he says he penned 'So Macho' not just for women but in a deliberate attempt to appeal to gay men's sense of humour...

It was a caricature of the medallion man, Hargreaves said. It was for women to dance round their handbags to and for the gay scene to go mad to on poppers, he admits. Despite this, Hargreaves does not accept the idea that his new vocation, which involves preaching on the sin of homosexuality, is hypocritical.

Those of us old enough to remember suspect the Buddhist Sinitta will not be impressed with her biggest hit being used to suppress women. Reverend's disco hit funds electoral bidScotland on Sunday, 6th June 2004 [BugMeNot] (thanks to Novice Nun the Wiser, OPI); see also Fetch the swingometerPagan Prattle, 28th May 2004.

June 3, 2004

Disrespecting the dead for Jesus

United States: Marcella Barrett's story is a tragic one, to begin with - Her first husband died too soon. The second one, Doyle, left her for another woman. One son, Alden, committed suicide. Another one, Scott, disowned her and left her cherished religion. Surely there's no need to embellish that with lies, is there? Unfortunately, Dr. Beatrice Sparks thought so, and creatively edited Alden's diary, which she published as Jay's Journal: The shocking diary of a 16-year-old helplessly drawn into a world of witchcraft and evil ….

...the book changed Alden from a sensitive, questioning young man with a high school girlfriend and sympathies toward Eastern religion to a curious teenager who unwittingly finds himself participating in vile satanic rituals, crazed sex with a girlfriend named Tina and outrageous acts of supernatural black magic. The book remains true to Alden's fate, however. By book's end, Jay kills himself.

Astroturf alive and well

United Kingdom: Church groups have been spotted trying to orchestrate a campaign against a Channel Four programme because their members were stupid enough to complain about a show which had not been broadcast yet.

In the offending programme, sceptic Derren Brown debunked séances - something you'd think barking mad fundies would approve of.

He assembled 12 students in a London house and told them that another 12 students had died there years earlier in a suicide pact.
They were shown photographs of each of the 12 dead and asked to choose one which they felt drawn to. Almost all chose a girl called Jane.
Using a Ouija board and other spiritualist paraphernalia, the volunteers attempted to contact Jane and were spooked when the board spelled out a message from her.
They believed they were communicating with her spirit -- but at the end of the programme Brown revealed the suicide story was a hoax and Jane was alive and well.

Hundreds complain over TV 'séance' show - Ireland Online, 3rd June 2004.

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