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October 4, 2004

Lesbians Are Witches And Should Be Burned To Death

Australia: Family First seem to be going out of their way to behave like pig ignorant morons. Lying about their cosy associations to the Assemblies of God cult, running smear campaigns against their political opponents and now inciting violence. It seems that these loonies have forgotten all their Christian teachings.

An attack on Greens campaigners in the Dickson electorate on the weekend was provoked by a Family First representative.

The Family First Representative, who was handing out leaflets at the same location, had announced earlier in the day that 'lesbians are witches and should be burned to death', said Greens Candidate Howard Nielsen.

October 3, 2004

Family First, People Last

Australia: Susie O'Brien wrote a great piece for Melbourne's Herald Sun about the hypocrisy of Family First. Alas, the Herald Sun is part of Murdoch's stable, so if stories even do get to the paper's web site, they are only live for a day or so, hence this article getting submitted in its entirety.

If you're having trouble deciding who to support in this election, why not ask who Jesus would vote for.

If you accept the lead of creationist cleanskins Family First, it probably wouldn't be Labor or the Greens.

No, the son of God would only support good conservative candidates, as long as they weren't gay or didn't support same-sex marriage.

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