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June 29, 2005

Fanning the flames

United States/United Kingdom: It's interesting to see how some of the less respectable elements of the right choose to distort the story about a Metropolitan Police report concerning two very different problems - the unique case of Adam, a boy whose dismembered body was found in the Thames and about whom absolutely nothing is known despite years of investigation, and of the abuse of children whose guardian believe them to be witches, or posessed by demons (a grand total of two cases in the UK).

Let us compare and contrast a report in The Independent with Jim Kouri's retelling of it at MichNews.com.

June 16, 2005

Tarot fraudster must repay cash

United States: A tarot reader who conned a gullible customer out of $238,715 has been ordered to repay the cash. Paula Marion had pleaded guilty to fourth-degree grand larceny earlier this year and faces five years' probation. Julia Marcellino claimed the sum she was duped out of was nearer $400,000.

Marcellino has said Marion brought her to financial ruin. She said Marion became her friend after an initial card reading and charting in September 2002.

Marcellino said Marion convinced her to turn over money to ward off bad omens and save her family members from illness and death. The con game also involved members of Marion's family, police said.

The defence added another interesting twist to the case, claiming the pair were lovers.

Marion's lawyer, Brian Kelly, argued that Marcellino brought the charges after his client broke off Marion and Marcellino's plan to marry in July. Marcellino has denied the allegation.

We felt that this was a situation between two individuals who were lovers, Kelly said. Gifts were exchanged. Any money given to my client should have been considered gifts. The court determined otherwise.

Tarot card reader to pay - The Journal News, 16th June 2005.

June 11, 2005

Questions raised about Christian charity

Scotland: Teachers have discovered that a "Christian" charity which collects Christmas gifts from Scottish pupils to send to children in the developing world, is not concerned with promoting tolerance and diversity. Samaritan's Purse is connected to the American evangelical movement, is endorsed by preacher Franklin Graham, and is reported to be anti-Islam.

According to members of the South Lanarkshire branch of the EIS [a teachers' union], Samaritan's Purse took 30,000 Bibles into Iraq alongside US soldiers at the barrel of a gun...

Kenny Elder, from the South Lanarkshire branch of the EIS, told delegates: It has a very right-wing, racist view of religion. It should be investigated by the union because it has a growing presence in our schools.

The activities of American evangelists have been causing problems for Iraq's long-established Christian community.

Christian charity accused of bigotry - The Herald, 10th June 2005; see also Iraqi Christians to American evangelists: Piss off - Pagan Prattle, 28th May 2005.

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