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September 16, 2004

Dodgy archbishop faces extradition

Kenya: An international arrest warrant is due to be signed for the arrest of Archbishop Gilbert Deya on charges of child trafficking. And he is rather upset that the Daily Record exposed the fact that he fled to Scotland. He told a reporter You have become an enemy of god. You talk to my solicitor and you pay the price of what you wrote today. The Record stands by its story.

Deya Arrest Request Any Time NowThe Nation (via all Africa.com), 15th September 2004; ENEMIES OF GOD. Wanted bishop rants at the RecordThe Daily Record, 14th September 2004.

September 1, 2004

Deya Reckoning

Kenya/England: Today's Independent has a long article about Gilbert Deya, of 'miracle babies' infamy. The article summarises the story so far, and discusses the history of his churches, including what good neighbours they are:

But while Mr Deya may claim thousands of followers, his ministry has found little favour with people who live and work near his church. Many complain of the mayhem caused by the crowds that flock to this part of south-east London on a weekend.

Anne Ward, landlady of the Barnaby pub, said: You want to come round here on a Saturday night. They start at 10 o'clock and there are raves going on until 6 o'clock in the morning.

It is like New York city, music until all hours. They are a nightmare. We have had the police around millions of times but they won't do anything.

The newspaper also spoke to Deya:

He made similar threats in a curious telephone interview with The Independent, which took place during one of his services recently. As what sounded like hundreds of worshippers roared their approval, the preacher threatened hellfire and damnation against this reporter who, he said, would pay the price in the court of heaven. He also called several of his congregation to testify, including a doctor, Kay Ngagba, and a state registered nurse, Mabel Davies. Both attested to their preacher's claims.

The preacher, the 'miracle' births and the lost childrenThe Independent, 1st September 2004.

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