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June 20, 2004

Paedophile Taskforce Nets Ministers

Australia: The great unwashed are always making claims about Scoutmasters being secret kiddie fiddlers. Not in Adelaide, where the cops netted two former Anglican ministers, a former Salvation Army officer, a former junior surf lifesaving coach, two former leaders of the Church of England Boys Society and nary a Scoutmaster in sight.

Two former Anglican ministers and a former Salvation Army officer are among nine people arrested over several days for child sex offences by a South Australian police taskforce.

Those arrested also include a former junior surf lifesaving coach and two former leaders of the Church of England Boys Society.

The first of the nine arrests was made last Thursday by the South Australian Police paedophile task force as part of their investigations into child sex abuse claims within the Anglican Church in Adelaide.

June 14, 2004

Priest Publishes Memoirs of his Sex Romps

Argentina: Father Mariani has gotten the grand poohbahs in frocks off-side with by publishing his memoirs of sex romps as a priest. The church may be miffed, but the book has almost sold out, proving the old maxim that sex sells.

A 77-year-old Roman Catholic priest in Argentina has published his memoirs recounting sex with women and a frustrated gay liaison, angering Church officials.

The autobiography No Beating About The Bush. The Life of a Priest, tells of the life and loves of Father Jose Mariani in a posh parish in Cordoba, Argentina's third biggest city where he has been a priest for 53 years.

I could hear my heart beat in ecstasy before the beauty of the body offered before me. I smothered the body with the sweat of my skin, Mariani wrote in the book about having sex with a woman.

June 1, 2004

Anglican Archbishop Won't Resign

Australia: The Anglican Church in Adelaide has had the wind put up its skirts after an independent inquiry into its habit of not only turning a blind eye to kiddie fondling priests, but actively protecting them from prosecution, was released. The head sherrang has made a weak apology, but refuses to resign.

An independent inquiry into the Anglican church's handling of child sex abuse allegations in South Australia has found the church was uncaring towards victims.

The inquiry was conducted by retired Supreme Court justice Trevor Olsson and social work lecturer Donna Chung, after claims that a former youth worker abused up to 200 boys.

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