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October 19, 2004

The usual.

Sri Lanka: A Christian cleric has been arrested in connection with the alleged sexual abuse of eight boys.

The suspect who belonged to the New Order Christianity Gathering in Kaluwarippuwa in Katana had allegedly sexually abused eight boys between the age of 12 and 18, a NCPA spokesman said....

The arrest was made on the night of October 15 by the Special Police Unit with the assistance of neighbours while the suspect was in hiding.

The suspect had rented a house at Kaluwarippuwa where he had been conducting religious activities connected with the New Order.

He is alleged to have invited children to his residence on the pretext of "conducting classes" but employed them in his farm to look after pigs, dogs and other animals.

According to NCPA officers the children were fed with rotten vegetables meant for the animals.

The priest is also alleged to have forced the children to take liquor and also shown them phonographic [sic.] films before sexually abusing them.

Interestingly, the complaint against the mushrooming sect came from the Bishop of Mannar, and it will be interesting to see whether the allegations or true, or the work of a jealous mind.

NCPA cops nab child abuse cleric - Daily News, 19th October 2004.

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