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February 14, 2007

French censorship.

France: A correspondent tells me a French science fiction novel has been censored, and it seems to be because the Roman Catholic Church doesn't like to be reminded of their failings. Denis Guiot, editor of young adult science fiction imprint Autres Mondes explains:

The editorial board of Fleurus/Mango Jeunesse has censored Nathalie Le Gendre's novel, Les Orphelins de Naja (The Orphans of Naja), which I had scheduled for a May, 2007 publication in the Autres Mondes line.

The book shall not be published.

The reason why? Nathalie's novel denounces pedophilia in a future Church, on a newly-colonized planet.

The editorial board doesn't want any trouble with the shareholders.

Granted, the line is put out by a publishing group otherwise known for its religious output, the number one publisher of missals in Europe, and such a book would surely look unsightly.

Unless the editorial board changes its mind--which is highly unlikely--I am thinking of quitting.

The Autres Mondes imprint is highly regarded, enjoying both commercial success and critical acclaim.

Censorship in France14theditch, 14th February 2007.

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