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June 14, 2002

Everyone's blogging these days

God's LiveJournal:

Did I ever mention that the universe is only a little more than 33 years old? Except for pee_paw, of course... he's been around forever. I made it look older on purpose, with a little creative creating, like fossils, and strange carbon isotopes, and Joan Rivers, and implanted memories, so most of the experts are fooled. I guess it's sort of like when they put tits on a 10 year old Britney Spears.

June 6, 2002

Not Bargain of the Day

LordCo (motto: Repentence is Futile) parodies those wonderful Christian products which feature regularly in the Prattle. Here you'll find Corpus Crispies - a breakfast cereal with The body of Christ PLUS 10 essential nutrients!, Christ-cut French Fries, and Communion Crunchies Wafer Snacks. Reading matter includes Repenthouse and Prayboy. Looking to the faiths of the future, LordCo offers the Lady Di Signature Halo Collection.

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