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November 24, 2002

The Minor Arcana might take a little longer

Annabeth Robinson has created Playtarot--the Major Arcana done with Playmobil figures.

The idea behind the Playtarot website, was to create a fun website that combined my love of PlaymobilTM, the Tarot, and Digital Photography. The project has been a long one, taking two years to complete, using my spare time, and pocket money to buy the bits necessary to create each card. I have been an avid collector of playmobil stuff, for several years, and I've always liked their asthetic, so I already had a bit of a headstart. The toys themselves lend easily to a graphic look, and it was only a matter of coming up with the inspiration of making my own Tarot Deck, that fused the whole thing together. I always strive to have a sense of fun in all my work, so the two fell together easily.

It'd go nicely with what I want for Yule. (via bOINGbOING)

November 11, 2002

Rghyrtt Hrghhtiuhdfl!

Maybe Bill Schnoebelen and Jack Chick were right after all, if M'rgot Adl'r, Low Priestess of the Cthulhu Womyn's Knitting Cirkle is to be believed:

Cthonion Wikka is the spiritual inheritor of the various cults dedicated to the worship of the various dieties known as the Great Old Ones. Whether or not there is a direct lineage to these various cults is an issue of great debate, amongst both scholars and practioners. Practioners, however do not see the relevance of an unbroken line of descent, and instead focus their energies towards the present, and the grim future which awaites all mankind - the reawakening of the Great Old Ones.

Me, I'm looking forward to reading Fat-Lesbian-Witchcraft and its Origins Amongst the Cult of Shubb-Niggurath.

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