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June 19, 2004

Pot Calling Kettle Black

United States: The always amusing Mark Morford drags a pompous little fundie into the light and takes a look a bizarre American culture, or lack thereof.

June 16, 2004

Swiss Put A VooDoo Whammy On Beckham

Switzerland: You've got to love a country with a wacky sense of humour.

Swiss fans have taken to voodoo to pin down England ahead of their Euro 2004 match Thursday.
Join in — give the English pains in their legs on June 17 against Switzerland, said the newspaper campaign which shows an effigy of England captain David Beckham with nails, screws and tacks stuck in his legs.
This might help: Rip out this page, stick it to the wall, give it a good going-over with nails, needles and the stapler. And believe in it, said the advertisement, a tongue-in-cheek campaign to promote Swiss advertising agencies.
England captain Beckham broke a bone in his foot in 2002 just before the World Cup although he played in the tournament.

Swiss Soccer Fans Pin Down England with Voodoo Campaign - Reuters, 15th June 2004.

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