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December 1, 2007

A bear called Iolo

Science fiction and fantasy writer Liz Williams has issued a challenge:

If you can lampoon my religion more than its adherents do already, I will decide on a winner on Monday morning and send you a free signed copy of an Inspector Chen novel which you can then flog on E-bay for a few quid. Or whatever.

And the religion in question?

It's Druidry! We wear long white frocks with wellington boots underneath! We made it all up in the 1900s (OK, not all of it. And some of it, in 1950)! We celebrated at Stonehenge in the 1880s with a brass band and a cream tea, and in the 1980s with a pitched battle with the police! We have an official Stupid Hat!

I think she forgot the bit about it being made up in the 1900s from other bits that were forged a couple of hundred years earlier.

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