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June 30, 2002

Tennis player faces ban for not being racist

Pakistan: Aisam Ul-Haq Qureshi, a Muslim from Pakistan, and Amir Hadad, a Jew from Israel, are playing as a pair in the doubles at Wimbledon. Even though the pair won through to the third round in straight sets, officials in Pakistan are not happy with the partnership. Pakistan's Sports Board has condemned Qureshi and demanded an explanation. The player faces a ban. Israeli Jew, Pakistani Muslim Team-Up at Wimbledon - Voice of America News, 30th June 2002.

June 4, 2002

Football mad

People are getting their priorities sorted the world over. In Kenya, church attendances are down about 30% as parishoners stay at home on Sundays to watch World Cup matches instead. Provost Philip Obwogi of the Anglican Church of Kenya's Cathedral of the Good Shepherd complained:

God should come first all times. When we baptise people, we tell them to fight sin, the world, and the devil and remain faithful soldiers of Christ to the end.

He added that World Cup matches were the sort of worldly pleasure Christians should renounce. Pastor Reuben Langat of Lake View Africa Gospel Church told The Nation that a true Christian could not chose to watch the World Cup instead of going to church on Sunday. Christians Choose World Cup Over Sunday Service - The Nation, 4th June 2002 (via

Meanwhile, in England, many churches postponed their services to avoid a clash with the England-Sweden match. England puts its religion first, but still finds time for church - Sydney Morning Herald, 3rd June 2002.

June 1, 2002

Football crazy

The Unification Church (aka the Moonies) tried to buy London football club Queens Park Rangers last year. It seems Rev. Moon shares Korea's current obsession with football - his Church owns the current Korean champions Ilhwa Chunma and a team in Brasil called New Hope. Still in Korea, Buddhist monks there are postponing the chance of enlightenment for the duration of the World Cup. World Cup Fever Reaches the Buddhist Temples - Johannesburg Mail and Guardian (via, 31st May 2002.

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