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March 28, 2003

Are those Catholic evil spirits or Protestant evil spirits?

If Rangers sign up Saliou Lassissi , a defender from the Ivory Coast, the fans will have something other than the usual religious arguments. Lassissi was badly injured in a game two years ago, but his rehabilitation has been delayed because he believes that modern medicine is evil.

Italian clubs have long been at the forefront of sports injury rehabilitation but, for Lassissi, his employers came to embody the devil incarnate.
A variety of injections were included in his treatment - vitamins, cortisone, painkillers - anti-inflammatories, but, according to sources within the Roma treatment room, Lassissi refused them all.
He believed that injections carried evil spirits, that everything his Ivory Coast upbringing had taught him screamed out that great harm would befall him if he accepted the physio's treatment programme.
Roma were dumbfounded. Lassissi refused to have anything to do with bad medicine and Roma saw his rehab stretching further and further into the distance.

FOOTBALL: SPELL OF A PLAYER - The Daily Record, 28th March 2003.

March 27, 2003

Something Keegan might like to try

The president of the Romanian Football Federation has announced that he might hire a witch to hex the Danish team prior to the two countries' Euro 2004 qualifier later this week. Mircea Sandu claimed that a similar tactic had worked 14 years ago. Romanian football chiefs may hire witch to put spell on Denmark - Ananova, 26th March 2003.

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