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September 19, 2003


Kenya: The Daily Nation has a nice wee article on the history of superstion in football, with some lovely examples.

It has also been reported that a coach at the club used to direct his own bodily fluids through an anatomical organ in his nether regions onto the team goalkeeper's jersey before making the keeper wear it, wet as it was, for matches.
For years Gor Mahia FC players were under strict instructions not to shake hands with women while in training for crucial matches to protect their life-force. On other occasions players at the club were reportedly transported to the banks of a certain upcountry river to wash up before a match. In Nairobi only a Mr Ochido was allowed to handle equipment, touch and treat injured Gor players during games.

Superstition and soccer are for ever intertwined - The Daily Nation, 20th September 2003.

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