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October 19, 2003

Baseball news

United States: The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series is about as likely as Hibernian winning the Scottish Cup—it's a tradition or an old charter or something—and it's no surprise that some fans think their team is cursed. It also makes the actions of a Nicaraguan Florida Marlins fan rather pointless:

Your team lost because THE MARLINS PLAYED BETTER, OK? It's NOT because of some curse. The supernatural had nothing to do with it! Unless you count a Miami woman I know named Tina, who's from Nicaragua, and who revealed, after the Marlins beat the Cubs, that during the crucial eighth inning of Game 6 she performed a type of witchcraft called brujería. But that did not violate any National League rule.

THE WORLD SERIES: It's the Marlins against the world - Ledger-Enquirer, 19th October 2003.

October 14, 2003

Keep off the grass

The Netherlands: Dutch football manager Dick Advocaat has joked that it was witchcraft that brought his team a match against Scotland in the Euro 2004 qualifiers, saying Jomanda must have been touching the balls.

White witch Jomanda is a household name in Holland and more famous there than spoon bender Uri Geller is in Britain.
She regularly hosts group healings on radio and TV and claims to receive her mystical powers from her dead father.
The 55-year-old former ballet dancer took up her healing vocation at the age of 21 after being told by another clairvoyant that she had amazing powers.
Jomanda also claims she can cure viewers at home over the TV.

But Advocaat might end up with egg on his face. After all, his once mighty team are reduced to fighting for qualification in the play-offs. SON OF A WITCH, - Daily Record, 14th October 2003.

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