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January 12, 2005

Bringing the Dutch into disrepute

The Netherlands: Amsterdam football club Ajax has an image problem--for some reason, they are regarded as being a Jewish club. Not that this is a problem in itself. No, the problem is the anti-semitic abuse they get from opposing fans.

After supporters of opposing teams started calling Ajax fans Jews, the fans adopted the name themselves. Ajax fans wave the Israeli flag and have banners featuring the Star of David.

I am sure our supporters have no anti-Semitic feelings, Jaakke said. However, in a tense society such as we live in today, it can stir such feelings in others.

Former Ajax board member Uri Coronel, who is Jewish, told Het Parool newspaper that Ajax fans calling themselves Jews stirred anti-Semitic reactions from supporters of rival clubs.

Many anti-Ajax chants refer to the Holocaust. Rival fans chant Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas and make hissing sounds to imitate the sound of gas flowing.

Ajax seek image change to stop anti-Semitic chants - Sydney Morning Herald (via Religion News Blog), 12th January 2005; Ajax wil meer macht in ECV (last two paragraphs) - Het Parool, 10th January 2005.

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