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January 8, 2007

Drastic measures to save team from drop

England: Leeds United are having another bad season, second from bottom in what us old farts would call League Division Two and facing relegation. But not to worry, Dean "Midas" Maynard has a plan to rescue the club—one that does not trouble the players with the need to play football. Instead, he plans to attend matches and beam positive vibes at the team. But don't worry, it's not magic: I'm not into witchcraft, I don't do any spells, I don't bend spoons and I'm not friends with Michael Jackson. Maynard emphasises his previous successes, and current challenge:

Dean is currently working to save League Two side Macclesfield Town, who are now unbeaten in nine matches having started the season with no wins from 21 games.

Macclesfield were beaten 6-1 by Chelsea at the weekend.

Psychic can help beat spectre of relegationYorkshire Evening Post, 8th January 2007; Chelsea 6-1 MacclesfieldBBC Sport, 6th January 2007.

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