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November 20, 2002

Nominations are open

The Pagan Hall of Shame award is the start of a campaign to rid the Pagan community of those who do Paganism a dis-service by their utter lack of style. And the first winner? Step up our friend Kevin Carlyon!

Nice title! Is that a chest wig? Kevin's robe looks like a converted dressing gown. And I think next time Witch-King Kev goes out to magically protect the loch ness monster, he should think twice about his choice of Giant Pentacle (incidentally, you'll notice that the Giant Pentacle is a recurring theme here).

(Thanks, Tez.)

November 7, 2002

Arse, meet elbow.

Kevin Carlyon clearly hasn't seen Bollocks and Broomsticks. He has a page on his website, Its a Kinda Magic (sic.) on which he states:

At last its over. The film is out, kiddies are happy and I can lift my spell on Harry Potter as the long awaited acknowledgement that the broomstick was the wrong way around has been received.

(thanks Carol)

November 6, 2002

King Kevin (again)

Scotland: Grampian Police have foolishly accepted the 'advice' of self-appointed witch king Kevin Carlyon, claiming he's helped catch horse abusers in the past. He specifically claimed he had helped police in Hampshire to catch a "horse ripper" in 1993, but a Hampshire police representative told the Prattle that they have no record of this whatsoever.

According to King Kevin, the high point of the Pagan calendar is the Winter Solstice not Samhuinn as Christian fundies insist. He told The Scotsman

There's a nasty black magic cult in the north of Scotland. I know that on top of the cases which have been reported, many more have not. The police are looking into it and I want to help in any way I can. We are not talking about schoolkids here, but people who believe they can summon up Satan and fly. We are talking about people who believe they are pagans and work on the old calendar, culminating at the winter solstice on 21 December. In the old tradition, cutting off a horse's tail is supposed to make you fly. They think it will make them like Pegasus. I have seen this pattern before and my instinct tells me that the attacks won't stop here.

The Winter Solstice will fall on December 22nd this year.

There will be an interview with John Macintyre about the attacks on tomorrow's Lesley Riddoch show on BBC Radio Scotland, and there's a chance that King Kevin will be on the show too. In a message sent to Pagan mailing lists, Val Dobson notes:

The show will be taking messages and calls: Telephone 0500 92 95 00, text 07940 92 95 00. To email you have to fill in a form here. If you're in Scotland, please listen and maybe send in a message. What's most important is to counter the claims of KC. His claims include: Putting a Death Curse on Prince Charles & Lady Diana when he was refused permission to perform a ritual to Herne in Windsor Great park; Providing major assistance to Hampshire Police in a horse mutilation case in 1993 and giving further help in other cases in Wiltshire in 1999

He's made other claims about helping the police in various cases over the years. If anybody has hard info that counters any of his nonsense, could they please post it here and I'll collect it pass it on... Even if KC doesn't appear on the show, it's important to gather some facts to counter him. Far too many journos rely on him as an "expert" on witchcraft, so we need to show them that he's a puffed-up windbag with no real knowledge.

White witch invited to help police after series of attacks on horsesThe Scotsman, November 2nd 2002 (thanks Val).

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