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October 18th 2002


Fundies don't like Harry Potter, we all know. But did you know how much? Feòrag NicBhrìde has written a great expose of their paranoid fantasies in the most recent issue of Pagan Prattle.
This is particularily funny, while being worrying at the same time.
These Harry Potter books are right on time in the end time scenario and warns If you are a Christian and these words offend you, it is probably because your mind has been seduced by a devil and not because they're a heap of paranoid shite - got that?"
Not all Christians are paronoid nuts, there is even debunking of some of the loonies claims. On one such site:
I am convinced that the accusations and warnings are baseless. I have studied the arguments presented on various websites. In my opinion, the Anti-Potterists display various degrees of ignorance, bad logics, superstitious fear, and unfounded conspiracy theories.
Go read the whole thing; it is well worth a read and a chuckle.

October 12th 2002


Odd info junkies, Pagan Prattle have a whole bunch of interesting new stories, including one about odd theories on the DC Sniper. I want to see a map of the locations, because I think he might be drawing some symbol with his attacks. A Christian group seems to think its a broken cross, a symbol satanists use to symbolise the downfall of Christianity. These are the first of many such theories that will arise; it will be interesting to see which one is on the mark. Me, I figure he is going for a upside-down pentagram.

September 17th 2002

The Gamer's Nook

I found this fun site, The Pagan Prattle Online, courtesy of Tim over at Where Worlds Collide. I think it's going into my daily reads, as it has some great content. Take what it says with a small Siberian salt mine, which is its intent.

Where Worlds Collide

Secondly, The Pagan Prattle Online, a site that sends up both new-age and fundamentalist silliness, always an entertaining read.

August 28th 2002


Feorag, who runs Pagan Prattle, is the fiancee of the fantastic science fiction author Charlie Stross. But she by no means needs that relationship for her fame, as she also edits and publishes a hugely amusing zine called The Pagan Prattle, and runs its website in weblog form, publishing stories about (mostly) religion-related stupidity from the world over.

May 1st 2002

Holy Weblog

Prattle. It's a good thing. Sometimes I just really need to read a decidedly unorthodox and definitely non-Christian blog, like The Pagan Prattle. (And not just because it links to this site, either. Seriously.)

January 20th 2002

Backup Brain

Good stuff, check it out.

January 13th 2002


Blogging Loony Fundy Nonsense (of all religions): the Pagan Prattle is neither prattle nor particularly pagan, but cynical as hell.

Not dated

Tez Burke's Recommended Links

At last! My favourite debunker of fundie nonsense has cranked up her HTML editor and put the Pagan Prattle online. Some of the links here are well into Memepool country. But then again, what do you expect from someone who lives with Charlie and brews the excellent beers from Fisherrow Brewery in Edinburgh?