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February 12, 2002

Demon-strably Nuts.

Two threads come together. On January 4th, I wrote about a detective who decided that the Wiccan beliefs of the accused were relevant in a murder case. Now it seems unlikely that the accused are Wiccan as one of them claims it was the fault of demons - part of an apparent worldwide trend (see February 1st and 2nd; January 25th). A teenager has confessed to killing Robert M. Schwartz with a sword because he believed the scientist was trying to kill his own daughter by lacing lemons with sulphuric acid. The youth, who has a history of mental illness, says he was given permission to kill Schwartz by vampires and creatures named Ordog, Sabba and Nicodemus. Deadly Fantasy: Maryland Teen-Ager Tells Police Mythical Demons Gave Him Permission to Kill, Tampa Bay Online/Associated Press February 9th 2002.

February 2, 2002

Satan on the Road

Blaming Satan is becoming a world-wide activity. In Namibia, Hosea Angolo pleaded guilty to killing his grandmother with an axe saying I am guilty. I really do not know what I was doing. Satan was working in me. My grandmother had done nothing to me, so I am guilty. He told the police his motive was N$500 of pension money. Axe Killing Suspect Blames Satan. The Namibian (via February 1st 2002.

February 1, 2002

In the Bin

A judge in Bochum has sentenced two "Satanists" to 15 and 13 years in jail, but has stipulated that it must be in a secure psychiatric ward and that they must receive therapy for their severe, narcissitic personality disturbances. Daniel and Manuela Ruda never denied the gruesome killing of Frank Haagen, but insisted that Satan told them to do it. German Satanists jailed, BBC News January 31st 2002.

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