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August 26, 2002

Fundie fiction is evil too

The Left Behind series are Christian science fiction books, graphic novels and other products by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye and by all accounts they're pretty dire. I can't tell you any more because they don't want to use their web site as a marketing tool - it uses Flash so extensively that it's not accessible. But perhaps this is good for my eternal soul. According to Lisa Ruby, author of GOD'S WRATH on Left Behind, the Left Behind series is not only unbiblical in many ways, it is anti-biblical and anti-Christian. The God of the Left Behind series is Satan in disguise, and the reader is unknowingly embracing him with open arms. More detail can be found at Liberty to the Captives web site:

Our goals are to expose the false doctrines in Tim LaHaye's books and the Left Behind series and all practices and teachings in the church that are contrary to sound doctrine. Other topics include the true gospel vs. the false gospel, the planned satanic infiltration into the church; false teachings about Satan in Jim Pappas' Christiana: The Pilgrim's Progress Part II, ways a Christians can be harmed by Satan and his followers and what to do about it, the New Age infiltration of the church; why rock music is unholy, Jesus' promise of a post-tribulation rapture, propaganda techniques used to influence Christians' doctrinal beliefs, witchcraft in the Harry Potter books, Tim LaHaye's false teachings about the mark of the beast, scripture-twisting in the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible: King James, walking after the flesh vs. walking in the Spirit; Christian liberty vs. license to sin; home histories of godly saints; spiritual authority; Bible deliverance from evil spirits; fasting and praying; satanic markings on the work of professed Christians, the various ways Satan's servants work to try to spiritually destroy Christians.

The site also explains why most holidays are evil and exposes the NWO and Planned Martial Law.

Pagan Prattle sweep time

How long before one of the leaders of the unfortunately-named Blackshirts is caught having an affair? This Australian group pickets the homes of adulterers and wants a severe penalty for married people who stray from their spouses:

The Blackshirts say that their only intention is to promote the sanctity of marriage, and they believe that to achieve this aim adultery should be punishable by death. Furthermore, they warn that if the law does not change they may resort to dragging adulterers from their homes and lynching them.

Leader John Abbott's wife left him 12 years ago and he hasn't got over it yet. He told The Guardian:

People should take them out, find the nearest branch and hang them for what they're doing. But unfortunately the law does not allow that, and we are law-abiding. The question they need to ask is how long before the laws change. When they do, the adulterers will hang up like chandeliers in every park. And that will come.

Cuckolds take their rage to the streets - The Guardian, August 26th 2002. (Thanks Charlie)

Birthdays are evil

According to the Hope of Israel Ministries (Church of Yehovah), birthdays are a really bad thing:

Most people living in this day and age rarely, if ever, QUESTION the customs they observe -- including that of BIRTHDAYS! Because of the SUBTLE ways pagan observances and beliefs have crept into the "Christian" church, thousands upon thousands of sincere people never question the EVIL behind their use. Are YOU one of them? If you celebrate BIRTHDAYS in any shape, form or fashion you are celebrating a "feast" that God hates -- a feast whose origin is deeply rooted in PAGAN GODWORSHIP and the Mystery Religion of ancient Babylon!

Apparently, bestowing a gift of my preferred chocolate is a form of worship of BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

In PAGAN ANTIQUITY people were using this very SAME greeting to each other under the GUISE of the pagan MYSTERY RELIGIONS! The initiated of these religions knew that a GOD was being honored when this wish was being bestowed -- but to those who were NOT initiated, this god was HIDDEN!

The reason this exact phrase was being used is because of the etymology of the word "happy". You see, Hapi is an Egyptian god of the Nile also called Hap, Hapy, Apis and Happy!

The worship of HAP (APIS, OSIRIS, OSAR-HAP, SERAPIS, etc.) was practiced in YORK in England among those who were the originators of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Not only that, but the English-speaking people DIRECTLY worshipped HAP -- calling him ZEUS!

The article goes through all the different birthday customs and demonstrates that just beneath this VENEER of respectability lurks the DEPTHS OF PAGANISM. The chocolate should be delivered on September 7th.

August 23, 2002

Children buried alive

105 children were temporarily buried alive in Tamil Nadu, India, as part of a centuries old temple ritual performed every seven years.

The ritual takes place in the temple of goddesses Muthukuzhi Mariamman and Kaliamman. Families make promises to the deities and, to fulfil their vows, their children are buried alive. The girls chosen for the ceremony are younger than eight years of age.
The child is tired out or given sedatives and covered in holy ash and turmeric paste by the family. The child has to become unconscious. If this does not happen, the ritual is cancelled and the family fined Rs 1,000.
The unconscious or semi-conscious child is then wrapped in a yellow cloth by the parents and taken to the temple. On the temple ground, a pit is dug and the child buried alive for a few seconds while mantras are chanted. The parents break coconuts during the time as offerings to the goddesses.
The child is then taken out of the pit and daylong celebrations follow.

Child welfare authorities are concerned about the possible traumatic effects of the ceremony on the children. 105 kids buried alive in temple ritual - The Times of India, August 22nd 2002.

300 pigs and 100 goats were not treated as well. Hundreds of animals were slaughtered in Coimbatore to appease the rain gods.

The bizarre sacrifice involved `serial killing' of goats and pigs throughout the day. Drunk men, women in a trance, whirling in the shield of blankets with spears, pierced the necks of the animals till the blood washed over the soil at the temple. Men donned the role of `Yama' for the day, all for rain.

300 pigs, 100 goats sacrificed for rain - The Times of India, August 22nd 2002.

August 18, 2002

Shaman claims to be rapist and murderer

A self-styled shaman in Mexico has told journalists he raped and killed a woman as part of a "black magic" ritual to secure the release of a jailed drug smuggler. The 19-year-old woman had come to him for help with her love life.

The shaman told the woman to meet him at a local residence, where he raped her, strangled her and slit her throat to collect her blood in a jar.
On Tuesday, Sanchez returned to Catemaco with his victim's blood to perform a ceremony on the islet of Cocodrilo aimed at helping to free his client, a jailed drug trafficker facing homicide charges in Nuevo Laredo.

The article implies that he has yet to be arrested, but expects his life is in danger as he wasn't wearing his protective amulets. Mexico shaman sacrifices woman to work "magic" for jailed client - The News Mexico, August 17th 2002.

Child abuse proponent in charge of child welfare

The new man in charge of Florida's notoriously inept child welfare system is a religious extremist who believes that it is not child abuse to beat children, even if they suffer bruises or welts as a result (something which a lawyer consulted by the Miami Herald noted is illegal in Florida). Jerry Regier even wrote an essay on The Christian World View of the Family in which he and co-author George Rekers

railed against abortion and gay couples forming families, and emphasized that husbands have final say in any family dispute.

The essay also said Christians should not marry non-Christians, that divorce is acceptable only when there is adultery or desertion and that wives should view working outside the home as bondage. The radical feminist movement, the essay adds, has damaged the morale of many women and convinced men to relinquish their biblical authority in the home.

There are doubts as to whether he will be able to maintain proper separation of his personal beliefs and his official duties as the essay urges Christians to take:

whatever actions we can, within our biblical and constitutional limits, to realign county, state, and federal legislation regarding family issues in order to make it conform to the Bible's view of reality and morality.

In a strange comment, Katie Munez, representing Govenor Jeb Bush, noted that Many of our nation's finest public servants past and present have been men and women of faith. As blogger Jeanne d'Arc notes:

Buried in the response is an enormous insult hurled at people of faith. What did the aide mean? Yes, his ideas are nuts but he's religious — you know how religious people are?

DCF leader: It's OK to spank - The Miami Herald, August 16th 2002 (via Patrick Neilsen Hayden's Electrolite).

August 13, 2002

Hereditary insanity

The Supreme Court in Australia has found a man, his 18 year old son and 16 year old daughter not guilty of murdering the man's wife on grounds of mental illness. The three stabbed the 35-year old woman last October because they believed she was possessed by the Devil.

The Supreme Court has heard the children's 40-year-old father left a Blue Mountains mental unit the week before the killing and stayed with his son in Katoomba, burning incense and praying all day.
Neighbours told how the father, son and daughter attacked the woman in the street at Glossodia, the father and son stabbing her, with the 16-year-old assisting.
All three later told police the dead woman was possessed, the son claiming she used to drink blood, the girl saying it was not her mother who had been killed, but a demon.

The family, none of whom can be named as that would identify the 16-year old are likely to be held in custody under mental health laws. Court finds demon-killers not guilty due to mental illness - ABC News, August 12th 2002.

August 10, 2002

Irrelevant material not evidence

Detectives investigating the death of a Virginia man from a bullet wound to the head took at least a half dozen guns, shell casings and a portion of a cardboard box with red stains from the residence on the day of the killing. For some reason, they also thought it relevant to take a copy of Raymond Buckland's Complete Guide to Witchcraft. The dead man's wife, Elizabeth Farinacci, has now been charged with his murder and the use of a firearm in committing a felony. Her representative has had to go to the court to prevent the book being used in the trial. As Wren of Wren's Nest News pointed out And was this the *only* book found on the premises? I wonder if any murderers were ever found to have a (gasp) Bible or one of those 'Left Behind' books in their homes?. Judge grants motions for more proof - News Advance, August 7th 2002.

August 4, 2002

Familiar names resurface

The Observer newspaper has noticed strong similarities between the case of Dawn Reed and Chris Lillie and the Satanic Abuse nonsense which surfaced in the 1980s. This week, Reed and Lille won a libel case after a Newcastle City Council 'review panel' published a report claiming the nursery nurses were really guilty of abusing children in their care, even though they had been acquitted by a criminal court.

The setting was modern but, as the judge commented, their story seemed to come from a distant, irrational past. Professor Richard Barker, the chairman of the review panel, whose members Justice Eady found guilty of malice, told the libel court that if a child denied she had been abused, he assumed she meant the opposite. This inverted logic, the judge said, was part of a pattern. If a child said she had been raped or penetrated with a knife, yet displayed no physical sign of abnormality, then, in the view of Reed and Lillie's accusers, 'the absence of physical findings does not mean that abuse has not taken place'. If a child said she had not been abused, that was 'terrorisation by the supposed abuser'.

During the original abuse trial in 1994, Professor Maggie Bruck, an expert on children's testimony, told the court that the interviews were some of the worst and most dangerous she had ever seen, and bear a remarkable similarity to the techniques used in the Orkney case:

Extremely young and bewildered children were brought in and interrogated (sometimes for over an hour) by one, two and even three interviewers. These interviewers used the full array of suggestive techniques to elicit allegations of abuse. When the children denied they had been abused, they were bombarded with more suggestions, they were scolded, threatened and bribed. When some children whimpered, moaned or begged the interviewers to end the questioning, the interviewers continued.

Journalist Richard Webster looked into the past of members of the disgraced Review Team and wasn't surprised by what he found:

It is no coincidence that two key members of the Shieldfield Review Team have both been believers in satanic ritual abuse. Judith Jones was the social worker at the centre of the 1989 Nottingham satanic abuse case. Astonishingly, Newcastle City Council nevertheless appointed her to the Review Team. Meanwhile, clinical psychologist Jacqui Saradjian has written of satanic cults where 'children were caged, hung, chained, whipped, burnt, tortured, drowned, buried alive, and strapped to inverted crosses and assaulted'.

He concludes that social workers have simply replaced 'organised satanic cults' with the more believable 'pædophile rings' in their fantasies. 'We were terrified - we could have been killed' and How our demons fuel witch-hunts born from demons - The Observer, August 4th 2002.

August 3, 2002

Man set 'witch' wife on fire

A man in Texas has been jailed for life, and must serve at least 30 years, for setting his wife on fire because he thought she was a witch. Keeper Ray Hudson told the court In my mind, she was a witch trying to destroy me and my children. I was going to destroy her before she could destroy me and my children. Angela Hudson is badly scarred and has had nine operations as a result of the attack, with three more planned. Man receives life term for torching wife - Houseton Chronicle, August 3rd 2002.

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