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December 26, 2002

Pot, kettle, very dark colour.

Israel: A newspaper is engaging in a little bit of historical revisionism of its own while it challenges claims made by some Muslims:

Pro Palestinian spokespeople play bait-and-switch on the charge of Jew-hatred as the motivating factor behind suicide bombings with sanctimonious stock lectures on Christian complicity in the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews... Nazism was not Christian but neo-Pagan...

This might come as a surprise to one A. Hitler, who remained a communicant member of the Roman Catholic Church until his death. The Freedom From Religion Foundation web site includes an interesting essay on Hitler's Religion by Anne Nicol Gaylor, which contains some interesting quotes from the man himself:

You will find it in Mein Kampf.- Therefore, I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. By fighting off the Jews, I am doing the Lord's work.

Hitler said it again at a Nazi Christmas celebration in 1926: Christ was the greatest early fighter in the battle against the world enemy, the Jews . . . The work that Christ started but could not finish, I--Adolf Hitler--will conclude.

In a Reichstag speech in 1938, Hitler again echoed the religious origins of his crusade. I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the Jews, I am fighting for the Lord's work.

Hitler regarded himself as a Catholic until he died. I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so, he told Gerhard Engel, one of his generals, in 1941.

Odd words for a Neopagan to come out with. Himmler on the other hand... Hitler and the Palestinian Arabs - Arutz Sheva, 26th December 2002.

December 19, 2002

Preventing terrorism the Californian way

Assume all male, Muslim foreigners are terrorists and lock 'em up. California orders mass arrests of Muslim foreigners - The Independent, 20th December 2002 (it sez 'ere).

December 3, 2002

Nazis lose out to hippies.

United States: A white supremacist 'church', the World Church of the Creator, has lost the right to use its name to the Te-Ta-Ma Truth Foundation which trademarked the name Church of the Creator many years ago. The racists are now prohibited from using the name and must hand over their domain name and any printed material bearing it. They are predictably upset about losing the case to an organisation which Supports The Family Unification of Mankind In All Aspects Of The Whole We of Like Mind Join Harmoniously In Oneness, Knowing That There Is Only One Creator Source and ranted in a press release:

In a move reminiscent of the Dark Ages, China's Cultural Revolution, and the hard-line Soviet Union, Plaintiff TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation and its attorneys of renowned law firm Kirkland & Ellis have asked a federal judge to order that the pro-White religious books of the World Church of the Creator be delivered up for destruction.

They go on to describe the Te-Ta-Ma Foundation as a pro-Jewish organization that uses the Jewish star of David as its symbol, so it must be the Conspiracy then. ADL Welcomes Federal Court Order Compelling Hate Group to Stop Using Name - ADL Press Release, 27th November 2002.

Challenging superstition

Police in Assam have launched a massive campaign against witch-hunts which killed at least 200 people in the last five years. They plan to challenge the superstitions behind witch-hunting.

Witch hunting in Assam has become a serious social problem, Assam Police chief Hare Krishna Deka told IANS.
Just enforcing law and punishing the guilty is not enough unless we are able to change the mindset of the people.

Some of the killings are on the orders of tribal courts:

In most cases, the killings are gruesome. Five villagers were brutally killed in western Assam's Kokrajhar district last year.
The victims were awarded capital punishment by Bodo tribals after being tried in a village court for practicing sorcery, a police official said.
After their heads were chopped off, the villagers buried the corpses in the forest.
The murders left 11 children orphaned. But nobody worried about them.

Police in Assam battle witch hunting and sorcery - Hindustan Times, 3rd December 2002.

A hot spell

More than 400 homes in Cape Town have been destroyed in a massive fire, and residents are blaming a woman's curse for the conflagration.

Adding a further dimension of fear, men, women and children spoke of witchcraft--a spell cast on the community--as the cause of the blaze. On everyone's lips was a woman's alleged curse, that Wallacedene, in Kraaifontein, would burn from December 1 to 5.

Spell caused 400 homes to burn, say residents - IOL, 3rd December 2002.

December 2, 2002

Ooh, how grown up!

Vandals have desecrated a Jewish cemetary in Milton Keynes, painting red swastikas on each headstone. Vandals desecrate Jewish graves - Ananova, 1st December 2002.

December 1, 2002

A familiar character.

United States: Not everyone who calls themself christian considers Jesus Christ to be a model for their own behaviour like the Texan Bishop below. Before we locked the door, Feòrag called out look out for Fred Phelps—he's a regular in the Prattle!.

Fred Phelps and his family are planning to target 10 Philadelphia campuses this week in an anti-gay crusade after locals treated a preacher with the contempt he deserved when he claimed that the September 11th attacks were because America tolerated same-sex relationships.

A couple of years ago, Phelps turned up at a display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt to tell grieving relatives that their loved ones were deservedly suffering in Hell. One of his trademark slogans is Thank God for AIDS. Pa. cities brace for antigay crusadersPhiladelphia Inquirer, 1st December 2002.

Blaming foreigners.

This year's theme for World AIDS Day is Stigma and Discrimination, and certain politicians and officials seem to think that this means they have to increase the amount of stigma and discrimination, rather than challenge it. For example, today's Independent includes an article about proposals to compulsarily test immigrants and other visitors to the UK - especially those icky non-white ones. Fortunately, public health minister Hazel Blears thinks it's a stupid and counterproductive idea. The World Health Organisation opposes such policies on the grounds that it is discrimnatory. Fresh calls for Aids tests at UK borders - The Independent, 1st December 2002.

And according to the BBC, a Times columnist declared that it wasn't unsafe sex, or needle-sharing brought on complacency, but asylum seekers who are responsible for the rise in new infections.

Immigration has overtaken gay sex as the main form of HIV into Britain - the government isn't tackling that, isn't doing anything about it.

Not thinking is a major contributory factor in HIV infection in the UK. Safe sex message targets rise in HIV - BBC News, 30th November 2002.

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