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June 30, 2004

Blood As An Anti-Ghost Potion

India: I suppose there's some bizarre logic involved in the belief that drinking the blood of the people you kill will stop them from haunting you. The particular wingnut is question has finally been nabbed by the local plods.

A man suspected of killing three people and then drinking their blood to ward off their spirits was arrested in north India yesterday, police said.
Hiralal Totia was arrested in Shankarpur village in Uttar Pradesh state, police told the Press Trust of India.
Police said Totia killed a police officer and then sucked his blood. He did the same with two other victims — a taxi driver and a woman, they added.
Totia told police under interrogation that he drank the blood of his victims as he believed this would keep away their spirits.

'Vampire' killings arrest [BugMeNot] - AFP, 24th June 2004.

June 26, 2004

Church blames Satan for problems it helped cause.

Cyprus: Having successfully scuppered the latest attempt to bring peace and stability to the divided island, the Greek Orthodox Church is trying to blame Satanism for the troubles of its youth.

Father Christoforos Tsiakkas has been involved in dealing with the problems that youngsters face that leave them vulnerable to the temptations of the occult. At a news conference, Father Christoforos presented evidence of the presence of Satanism in Limassol and warned that a satanic temple had already been founded in the city.
There is a circle of monuments around the leadership of five to six people. Their leader was initiated abroad and has founded a satanic temple in Limassol, the priest claimed.

And outrageous claims are being made in an attempt to frighten gullible parents.

Father Christoforos said a school principal had asked for his help in dealing with the mass initiation of school students into Satanism.
They promise them power, energy and they have a solution to all of their problems, he said.
But they are only turned into pawns.

Unlike the long history of free thought promoted by established churches? A government minister has already dismissed the claims, suggesting that the reality is much more down-to-earth.

Church concern over Satanism claims - Cyprus Mail, 26th June 2004; Police ignore crime to chase shadows - Pagan Prattle, 14th March 2004.

June 25, 2004

Pour encourager les autres

France: So, you are a racist fuckwit and hate Muslims. You think they are unpatriotic scum, so what better way to encourage them to care for their country than to desecrate a cemetary for Muslims who died fighting in the French army?

Vandals have daubed swastikas on the graves of Muslim soldiers in a military cemetery in Alsace, eastern France.
Seven gravestones were also smashed in the attack on the cemetery in Hagenau, north of Strasbourg.
The graves were those of Muslim soldiers who died fighting for France in the first and second world wars.

Jacques Chirac spoke out strongly against the attack, calling it an insult to the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives for our country. This is the latest of a string of attacks on Muslim and Jewish sites in the Alsace region.

Muslim graves defaced in France - BBC News, 24th June 2004.

June 18, 2004

Mormon Assassination Plot and the Ones That Didn't Get Away

United States: Murder, dismemberment, a Mormon cult, the death penalty, and Playboy model Kerissa Fare. Oh, and Rohypnol. What more could you want?

This may be the year of the celebrity trial — Michael Jackson the King of Pop on child molestation charges, the basketball star Kobe Bryant accused of rape, the legendary record producer Phil Spector indicted for murder — but the kookiest, darkest, most grimly compelling court case in America may well be one that is receiving almost no media attention at all.
This week, a jury in Martinez, a small town outside San Francisco, will retire to consider the bizarre, brutally violent cult surrounding one Glenn Taylor Helzer, a lapsed Mormon accused of bludgeoning and dismembering five people in an elaborate extortion racket intended to hasten the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Helzer, a former stockbroker who has already pleaded guilty and faces the death penalty, exerted a charismatic hold over an eclectic group of followers including his younger brother, a former girlfriend turned Playboy centrefold model, and a self-described good witch who once offered to raise money for Armageddon by appearing in porn films.

June 1, 2004

A discussion over dinner

Ghana: Two 'witches' have appeared in court on charges of assault, after they had a disagreement over a human body they were eating.

Prosecuting, Police Inspector K. Kpoafa told the court presided over by Mr Jacob Boon that in March 2004, a former policeman accompanied [Adwoa] Fosuaa and reported that Vida [Tiwaah] claimed she is a witch and that Fosuaa is also a witch and that they had moved together spiritually to practice their witchcraft.
He said the police was told that Fosuaa is alleged to have killed her sister through witchcraft and shared the meat with Vida, adding Vida claimed that she had repented and no longer practices witchcraft and therefore, wanted to return the meat to Fosuaa.
Inspector Kpoafa said because the ex-policeman wanted to make a formal complaint against Vida for disgracing Fosuaa who was his niece, however, he was told that police could not investigate such a spiritual case. Fosuaa and Oti Awere were advised to institute civil suit against Vida, but they did not heed to the advice, but rather resorted to casting insinuations as well as insults against Vida, which generated into a family feud with Vida on one side against Fosuaa and Awere on the other. Inspector Kpoafa said on April 29, Vida met Fosuaa and told her that since she had refused to come for the meat, they had to resort to physical means to resolve the issue.

The two allegedly began fighting at this point. Two witches clash over human flesh. - GhanaWeb, 31st May 2004.

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