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December 26, 2004

The devil made her, not me, do it.

United States: A man accused of seriously injuring his 17-day-old son had wanted to claim that his wife had injured the child in a satanic ritual:

[Christopher] Gromiuk was arrested last February after he admitted to squeezing and beating his 17-day-old son Exsavior while in a dreamlike state. The child survived and is in the care of relatives.

Later, during an evidentiary hearing, Rusch indicated he would attempt to defend Gromiuk by shifting the blame for the baby's injuries to his mother. He attempted to introduce evidence that the child's mother was involved with witchcraft and Satanism and the baby was hurt during a ritual but was blocked by the court.

Gromiuk later dropped the witchcraft allegations, which Laura Gromiuk had steadfastly denied, and agreed to plead guilty to hurting his son but had a change of heart before he could be sentenced. Last month he asked the court to allow him to change his guilty plea, arguing that he wasn't thinking clearly when he made the decision to take the state's plea agreement.

Man charged with injuring infant son to get new attorney - Rhinelander Daily News, 23rd December 2004.

December 6, 2004

Shifting the blame

United States: The family of a woman who allegedly murdered her daughter by cutting the child's arms off have decided it was the fault of her church.

By then, though, Schlosser's association with Davidson's church had intensified, Macaulay said.

He said Davidson used violent imagery and told women they possessed a rebellious Jezebel spirit, and that they should submit to their husbands, he said.

I'm not saying that anybody suggested 'Go cut your baby's arms off,' said Macaulay, a mental health counselor who lives with Schlosser's mother, Connie, in Canada. This diminishing of women, this diminishing of women's powers, women's importance, referring to women as jezebels, I think, further undermines an already fragile ego state that Dena's experiencing.

That's absurd, the 72-year-old minister said.

I'm an apostle and I'm a prophet, Davidson said. I only teach what's in the Bible and that's what makes them mad.

Davidson himself has demostrated Christian love in the past:

In September, Davidson was arrested on a public intoxication charge after a couple, longtime members of his church, called 911, alleging the minister attacked them at their home. Davidson said he was only trying to cast the devil out of the wife, who had become rebellious and rejected his teachings. He said he entered the home with the permission of her husband.

This was, naturally, Satan's attempt to discredit him.

Pastor Decried After Child's Arms Severed - The Guardian, 6th December 2004.

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