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May 26, 2005

Iraqi Christians to American evangelists: Piss off

Iraq: American evangelists have managed to really annoy one particular group of Iraqis—Christians. Patriarch Emmanuel Delly is the head of the Chaldean Catholic Church, Iraq's largest Christian denomination, affiliated with the Vatican. Delly, who ranks as an archbishop in the Roman Catholic Church and is tipped to become a cardinal, explained his problem with the evangelists that have plagued the country since the invasion in March last year:

Delly told Al-Jazeera News on May 19 that Iraq did not need Christian missionaries because its churches dated back long before Protestantism. He objected to the aspect of trying to convert Muslims and said, You can’t even talk about that here.

According to Delly, the evangelicals attract poor youths with displays of money and then take them out in cars to have fun. Then, they take photos and send them here, to Germany, to the United States and say ‘look how many Muslims have become Christian.’

The (atheist) correspondent at goes on to discuss the role of well-known fundies like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell in bringing these pests to Iraq.

Reuters has more detail on the story, and notes that Christians in predominantly Muslim countries tend not to make pains of themselves.

Many Muslim countries consider Christian missionaries as part of a Western campaign against Islam and punish both the preacher and the apostate Muslim severely. Violent Iraqi groups killed at least five evangelical missionaries last year.

At least 20 Iraqis were killed in bombings of Christian churches last year as unknown attackers stepped up pressure on non-Muslims there. Christian minorities in Muslim countries usually keep a low profile and do not evangelise.

JUST WHAT EVERY IRAQI NEEDS: A BIBLE -, 23rd May 2005; Patriarch denounces U.S. evangelicals in Iraq - Reuters, 19th May 2005 (via The Sideshow and The Green Knight).

May 24, 2005

Racists ordered to pay up

United States: Way back when, a bunch of racists lost a trademark suit. They were ordered to pay costs, but neglected to do so. Now a US federal judge has ordered the Creativity Movement, formerly known as the Church of the Creator, to pay $450,000 (plus interest) to the TE-TA-MA Foundation.

The United States appears to have no equivalent of the Trades Descriptions Act, or maybe the white supremacists have a sense of irony in giving such a positive name to their destructive organisation. The members have demonstrated how creative they are as the case progressed.

[U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey] Lefkow ruled in Hale's favor but was reversed by a higher court and ordered to issue fines against Hale for every day his group didn't comply. Lefkow later became a target when Hale solicited a government informant to kill her. Hale was convicted of murder solicitation last year and last month was sentenced to 40 years in prison. He's appealing his conviction while being held in a Colorado maximum security prison.

The issue of attorneys fees also made its way to a federal appeals court, which found Hale's group liable because of accusations that his members left threatening phone messages for opposing attorneys as the case was litigated.

Judge orders Hale's group to pay up - Chicago Sun-Times, 24th May 2005. See also: Nazis lose out to hippies - Pagan Prattle, 3rd December 2002.

May 22, 2005

One person cleared of abusing 'witch' girl

England: One of four people accused of abusing an eight-year-old girl they believed to be a witch has had charged dropped after the girl asserted that Kiwonde Kiese had done nothing nasty to her. The case against the other three defendants continues.

Woman is cleared of abusing girl, 8 - Muswell Hill Journal, 19th May 2005. See also Little girl accused of witchcraft - Pagan Prattle, 10th May 2005.

May 10, 2005

Little girl accused of witchcraft

England: An Old Baily jury has been told that an eight-year-old girl was tortured, and an attempt on her life was in progress when the attack was stopped. The alleged motive was that another child had said that the girl was a witch.

The girl, an Angolan refugee, came to the UK to live with relatives after her parents were killed in the war there.

[Prosecutor Patricia May] told the court the aunt and Ms Kisanga put the girl in a laundry bag, zipped it up and were about to throw it into the New River in Hackney, east London, until Mr Pinto stopped them.

Miss May said Mr Pinto told them: If they did and it was discovered, the law and the rights of children in this country being what they were, they would go to prison.

A search of the house of one of the accused revealed a number of (presuambly Christian) documents on sin, the devil and witchcraft and a diary, one entry including the sentence There was indeed a prophesy she has ndoki (the Lingala word for witchcraft).

The trial has been halted temporarily after the girl became upset and started to cry during the presentation of video evidence. It is due to resume tomorrow.

Witchcraft case halted over tears - BBC News, 10th May 2005; Girl tortured 'for being a witch' - BBC News, 9th May 2005.

May 2, 2005

Monk Impersonates God to Retrieve Magic Turtle

Cambodia: The Buddhists rarely rate a mention in the Prattle, but we'll make up for that oversight with the tale of a dodgy monk who got done for impersonating a god.

Monk Khong Chantha thought he saw a sucker coming when he sold a reputedly magic turtle, with Buddhist inscriptions carved into its shell, to an elderly local woman for $1.25. However, he was more than a little miffed when the little old lady set up shop with her magic turtle, claiming that it invoked miracles. He was so miffed that he returned and tried to reclaim the reptile by force. Understandably not wanting to hand her money-spinner back to the monk, there was a bit of a blue and the little old lady ended up reporting the monk to the local plods.

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