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February 25, 2006

Blaming the hoi polloi

Malawi: It's an old trick used by bigots—excusing your bias as being that of ordinary people, so it's rather surprising when it's used to block a choice made by the ordinary people.

Rev. Nicholas Henderson is an English vicar, with liberal views on matters such as gay rights. He is popular among locals because of development work he has done in the past. Parishoners in the Diocese of Lake Malawi chose him to be their new bishop, a move which has been stopped by Archbishop Bernard Malango, head of the diocese of Central Africa.

The Anglican Province of Central Africa's Confirmation Court, which comprises Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, said Mr Henderson was deemed not of sound faith because of his liberal views on gay rights...

Anglican leaders in Africa have condemned their counterparts in Europe and north America for accepting gay rights, a conservatism believed to be widely shared by ordinary Africans.

Members of that hotbed of radicalism, the Mothers' Union, are among Henderson's supporters.

However, Gladys Nkanthama, a church elder and secretary of the Mothers' Union in one of the parishes in the Diocese of Lake Malawi, told the Associated Press: We chose him, we voted for him; we are ready for Henderson to be our bishop.

African rebels hail English vicarThe Guardian, 25th February 2005.

February 15, 2006

Racist MP Hates Women and Muslims

Australia: Australian Federal Liberal MP Danna Vale has decided to drum up some publicity for herself over the current kerfuffle concerning the more intelligent members of parliament attempting to remove the decisions concerning the abortion drug RU486 from the loony fundie Tony Abbott and placing it under the wing of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the department that assesses and monitors all other drugs for use in Australia.

Danna Vale has decided that Australian women are too stupid to make decisions about their own fertility for themselves and is backing a move to keep the drug under the control of a man with his own tentative grip on reality. But dear Danna has even managed to get her fellow wingnut MPs off-side by mentioning her other concern over the drug.

February 9, 2006

Mustafa Brain

United Kingdom: Loony Muslim fundies have found something new to complain about: an Ann Summers blow-up doll called Mustafa Shag. Apparently al-Mustafa is one of the names of their prophet.

But the Muslim Association — based at Manchester’ s Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre — branded him obnoxious.

Yesterday a spokesman said: This is the name of our Prophet and it’ s very upsetting. This thing should be banned.

In a letter to the store, the Association said: You have no idea how much hurt, anguish and disgust this obnoxious phrase has caused to Muslims. We are asking you to have our Most Revered Prophet’ s name ‘Mustafa’ and the afflicted word ‘shag’ removed.

The Sun does not speculate on how they could possibly have known about the doll. An Ann Summers representative said they would gladly change the name if some punster could come up with an alternative.

Muslim fury at sex toyThe Sun, 9th February 2006.

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