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October 9, 2008

What passes for sane in some parts of the world

United States: A 20-year-old male student has been expelled from an adult education college after he poured liquid over his English Literature teacher and threatened her with a lighter and a cigarette. He accused her of being a witch.

Darin Najor of Ferndale is charged with assault and battery, a 93-day misdemeanor in the Sept. 11 incident at Taft Educational Center where he attends adult education classes, Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson said today. The students had been reading Arthur Miller's The Crucible regarding the Salem witch trials.

This apparently occurred after a class discussion on witchcraft, and what people used to do with witches, said Wilson. After one class, he asked his teacher if she believed in witchcraft and what was done, and she said no. The next thing she knew, he came up behind her and poured some liquid on her out of a bottle and ignited a cigarette lighter, as if he was going to light her on fire.

According to another report, Najor allegedly told police that he was trying to kill her by pouring holy water over her. More detail about the incident is given, suggesting that Najor was inspired by his Christian faith:

Najor asked the teacher if she believed in witchcraft, police said. The teacher told him she did not believe in witchcraft and explained that the events in the play were a metaphor for unjust persecution, police said.

The suspect threw his homework papers on the floor and declared it was all blasphemy, Denmark said. The next day he came up behind her chanting what sounded like religious verses while she was working at her desk.

Najor was briefly detained in a psychiatric hospital, but has now been charged with assault and battery.

Student accuses Ferndale teacher of being a witch and tries to set her on fireThe Detroit News, 8th October 2008; Man accused of assaulting 'witch' at TaftDaily Tribune, 8th October 2008.

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