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December 11, 2007

Council encourages underage drinking

Scotland: Glasgow council has decided that it doesn't want goths cluttering up the city centre, and has started proceeding to ban them. The council claims they are causing trouble - perhaps they recited too much angst-ridden poetry, or dared to look considerably prettier than the Christmas lights, or maybe it's just because their preferred hang-out is opposite a Christian bookshop?

The teenagers have complained that they are being picked on because of their appearance, and denied that they cause trouble.

One teenage girl said: There is absolutely no way we are here to cause trouble.

“We are too young to go to the pub and we hang around here for the simple reason that we have nowhere else to go to chat and meet up with our friends.

Presumably their only alternative is to lie about their age and go to the pub instead. Locals seem to be bemused by the decision too, going by the comments to The Scotsman's coverage of the story:

This is such a shame. I am a middle aged mum and am often in that area but I have never seen anti social behaviour from these young people. For heavens sake they are just trying a wee bit of self expression and although I don't find it particularly attractive it does me no harm and is in no way threatening. It is hard enough being young much for Glasgow as an inclusive vibrant and accepting city.

Meanwhile, I assume the ban means that Glasgow doesn't want older goths spending their disposable income on festive shopping in the city?

Goma goths banned - heaven knows they're miserable nowThe Scotsman, 9th December 2007.

November 7, 2007

Bampottery, live and direct.

Finland: News is breaking of a school shooting in Finland, and the alleged murderer is, as you might expect, a bit of a loon. But, Pekka-Eric Auvinen is (or was) not a religious loon. Indeed, the fundies will cream themselves, because this particular loon claims to be acting in the name of natural selection. From his manifesto [Word document; the same, in Finnish?]:

Pekka-Eric Auvinen, taken from his own websiteToday the process of natural selection is totally misguided. It has reversed. Human race has been devolving very long time for now. Retarded and stupid , weak-minded people are reproducing more and faster than the intelligent, strong-minded people....

Life is just a meaningless coincidence... result of long process of evolution and many several factors, causes and effects. However, life is also something that an individual wants and determines it to be. And I'm the dictator and god of my own life. And me, I have chosen my way. I am prepared to fight and die for my cause. I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection....

No mercy for the scum of the earth! HUMANITY IS OVERRATED! It's time to put NATURAL SELECTION & SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST back on tracks!

His taste in music tends towards the industrial (which, to the media, will be the same as goth), so Auvinen warns against the usual goth-blaming and, refreshingly, takes full responsibility for his actions:

And remember that this is my war, my ideas and my plans. Don’t blame anyone else for my actions than myself. Don’t blame my parents or my friends. I told nobody about my plans and I always kept them inside my mind only. Don’t blame the movies I see, the music I hear, the games I play or the books I read. No, they had nothing to do with this. This is my war: one man war against humanity, governments and weak-minded masses of the world!

He has also posted notice of his intentions to YouTube [Update: this video has now been removed. See the BBC News link below for a description] as well as in another Word document, posted yesterday on his website:


Event: Jokela High School Massacre.
Targets: Jokelan Lukio (High School Of Jokela), students and faculty, society, humanity, human race.
Date: 11/7/2007.
Attack Type: Mass murder, political terrorism (altough I choosed the school as target, my motives for the attack are political and much much deeper and therefore I don’t want this to be called only as school shooting).
Location: Jokela, Tuusula, Finland.
Perpetrator's name: Pekka-Eric Auvinen (aka NaturalSelector89, Natural Selector, Sturmgeist89 and Sturmgeist). I also use pseydonym Eric von Auffoin internationally.
Weapons: Semi-automatic .22 Sig Sauer Mosquito pistol.

Fatal shooting at Finnish schoolBBC News, 7th November 2007 (thanks, Tef). A list of mirrors to Auvinen's materials is being maintained at this entry to a blog about the shootings.

October 11, 2007

Violent, mentally-disturbed young man is violent; other reasons sought

United States: I was going to open up the betting on how long it would take before the latest US school shooting was blamed on goths, but unfortunately, the blaming happened before I even got to a keyboard:

One student told Philadelphia Channel 6 Action News that the student was a goth and had been wearing a trenchcoat, boots and a chain.

The Associated Press notes, that the child responsible had a history of serious mental illness and violence, which is clearly far too relevant here, and also that he was a bit of a twat:

Coon's troubles seemed to come to a tipping point this week when he was suspended for fighting outside with a classmate. Students said Monday's fight was over God — Coon told his classmates he didn't believe in God and instead worshipped rocker Marilyn Manson...

He's crazy. He threatened to blow up our school. He threatened to stab everybody, said Doneisha LeVert, 14. We didn't think nothing of it.

So let's leave it to the New York Daily News to remind us of the really important stuff:

Coon, a Goth who decked himself out in black nail polish, a trench coat and Marilyn Manson T-shirts, and who claimed to worship the Devil, had been beaten up for saying f--- God, one student said.

I think they meant fuck there.

It must come as a relief after the last four such incidents were completely devoid of a goth connection. Now to start hunting conspiracy theories...

Ohio student goes on gun rampageBBC News, 10th October 2007; Student Gunman in Ohio Warned of AttackAssociated Press, 11th October 2007; Suspended 14-year-old shoots 4, then kills himself at schoolNew York Daily News, 11th October 2007.

September 12, 2007

Bampot or pisstake - you decide!

Sometimes its hard to tell the real barking mad fundie bampots from those who are taking the piss out of them, and Christians AGAINST Cartoons is one of those sites where I'm not sure which it is. I mean, look at this extract from the home page:

MTV2 has opened a new front in the assault against American Christian values last month with their new Sickomation stable of animated programming. In MTV’s attempt to mimic Cartoon Network’s homosexuality inducing Adult Swim, the music network has sunken to even more deplorable depths of depravity than the cartoon provider.

Although it would be easy to focus on the extreme violence of Sickomation's Celebrity Death Match, the show Where My Dogs At? is even more disturbing to the devout. Although the secular humanists who produce this show claim to be satirizing or parodying Hollywood hedonism (satire being the justification for all types of blasphemy), they are, in actually, embracing and propagating the worship of so many false idols with every revolting frame. Also, by having two stray dogs as the show's main characters, the show is, in fact, celebrating those who have strayed...FROM CHRIST!

Nope, still can't tell. Let's look at some more. I'm in Japan, so the section entitled Hello Kitty or Hello Anubis???? is obviously appropriate. It starts off as an agony aunt type letter, a woman whose neighbour has told her Hello Kitty is bad for her daughter's soul, and she is wondering why.

It is by no mere coincidence that Hello Kitty herself resembles the cat-headed Sekhmet, the Egyptian sun goddess of destruction! There are also strong resemblances between Hello Kitty and the Lower Nile love goddess Bast. Often cats and cat idols were entombed in the burial chambers of the Pharaohs for the cat had a deep mystical significance to these pagan slave drivers.

Permitting your child to lie in a bed covered in Hello Kitty dolls, you are allowing her to lie in a mock Egyptian burial chamber! This seemingly harmless fascination with these dolls can lead your child down the path of the occult. The so-called goth teens who paint their faces to resemble corpses and worship death are also often seen with Hello Kitty memorabilia and stickers incongruously affixed to their usually black attire. This is because these poor, misguided youngsters who have given their eternal souls over to the darkness, know the masked meaning of these cuddly idols. The Hello Kitty, the ChocoCat, The Badtz Maru are just sugar coated stand-ins for Sekhmet, the Anubis and Ra. These are the same gods that The Lord cast down into the sulfur pit of hell and made into demons! Their power, which allowed Ramses to turn his staff into a serpent, cannot be underestimated today.

There are enough inaccuracies here to push me gently towards the bampot side of the fence, what with Sekhmet being a lioness (not a cat, like Hello Kitty), Anubis being a jackal (a dog, not a cat, like Chococat) and Bad Badtz Maru being a penguin, which definitely doesn't fit into ancient Egyptian mythology! But maybe this is all part of the pisstake?

So, Christians AGAINST Cartoons - loony, fundie bampots or someone taking the piss out of loony fundie bampots? Can you tell?

For more on the occult evils of Hello Kitty, see Hello Kitty is the GoddessPrattle, 22nd July 2004.

July 6, 2007

Cemetery damaged; goths blamed

Ireland: Vandals have caused serious damage to a cemetery in Mountmellick, and the local priest insists it can't be, well, vandalism:

It was not so much the amount of damage which was done but it was the nature of the destruction that is disturbing. Crosses were taken out of the ground and turned upside down, said Fr McNamara. There was something sinister about it.

The reversed cross, known as the St Peter’s Cross, is used as a symbol of Satanism.

Police are focusing their attention on the local goths (you know, the kids who probably like the graveyard) who have reported harassment since the incident.

Crosses turned upside down in 'sinister' attack on cemeteryLaois Nationalist, 6th July 2007.

May 29, 2007

Ugandan discussions on the occult

Uganda: We've all heard loads of loony fundie nonsense about the occult, and their lies fall on stony ground in North America and Europe these days. What's a bampot to do? Why, tell the same bollocks somewhere where they haven't heard it before, or at least not heard the debunking. The Sunday Monitor fell for it this week, printing an article liberally quoting from self-styled ex-Satanists

According to Roger Mugisha whose former life as a Satanist is the inspiration for Battle of the Souls, the fact that one is not aware that what they are wearing as an accessory or the picture on their clothes is an Occult symbol doesn't let the wearer off the hook. The signs will still be significant and the wearer becomes an advocate of the devil. With this statement, Roger Mugisha is shown a recent picture of the Nabagereka, Nagginda Sylvia Luswata at the Kabaka's birthday celebration.

Looking impeccable as usual, the queen of Buganda is wearing a blue dress, which bears a Ying-Yang symbol on the chest area. To a layman's eye and most likely herself, the Ying-Yang sign is only another artistic impression that makes the dress a lot more glamorous. But to one who knows about the occult signs, a Satanist or a former devil worshipper in this case, wearing this dress is no different from proclaiming your discipleship with the devil.

And of course, an anonymous youth pastor had to wade in in Harry Potter, even though he does not know the name of the books' author, nor that of the protagonist.

This youth pastor who declines to be named adds that books like the Harry Porter series, which openly uphold witchcraft and are packaged to sound seductive and fun for our children are also another route of spreading Satanism.

In the process, J.K. Rowlings (the author of the Harry Porter series) has become a billionaire by spreading the gospel of the underworld and also contaminated and probably converted a large number of our future leaders and law makers, he says.

The same pastor is also worried about rock music and goths.

Most young people start by innocently taking to rock music (especially). Before you know it they are emulating rock stars and taking to the gothic lifestyle; wearing only pitch black and scarlet red for clothes, accessories and make up. The numerous body piercing and tattoos come next.

Exactly how many goths are there in Uganda anyway?

The Occult: The signs are still out there...Sunday Monitor, 27th may 2007.

April 18, 2007

Irregular round up

Feeling lazy again. Here are some recent stories I missed:

  • Three Central American governments have banned a man claiming to be the Antichrist from entering their countries. Wear pants, Pope, says banned 'Antichrist', 15th April 2007.
  • A fight between nuns has ended with two injuries and two arrests. The violence broke out between two rival factions residing in a convent in Avdellero, Cyprus.. Nuns come to blows over rights to conventEkklesia, 17th April 2007.
  • Three people have been killed at a publishing house in Turkey that produced bibles, in an apparent attack on the country's Christian minority.. Three killed at Turkish publisherBBC News, 18th April 2007.
  • We have a problem with teenage Goths who go into graveyards at night. Vandals cause £15,000 of damage to two famous capital graveyardsThe Herald, April 2007. Other newspapers blame generic bored, pissed teenagers, rather than those who would simply wallow pretentiously in the dark romance of the graveyards.
  • Disappointment as pundits unable to blame massacre on goths. Trench Coat Mafias, Loners and GunsHuffington Post, 17th April 2007. (and not much sign that we'll have to start a Great Virginia Tech Conspiracy List, either. Oh no, I spoke too soon.)
  • European newspapers are ... implying that Charlton Heston is indirectly responsible for the scope of the killings.. Blaming Charlton Hestonalt.politics.republicans, 17th April 2007.
  • Virginia Tech assassin alive?alt.conspiracy, 17th April 2007.
  • Was VT Mass Murderer Cho Taking Paxil Anti-Depressant?alt.true-crime, 18th April 2007.
  • Early details about the horrific school shooting at Virginia Tech strongly indicate that these events represent a Columbine-style black- op that will be exploited in the coming days to push for mass gun control and further turning our schools into prisons.. Virginia School Shooting: Another Government Black-Op?alt.conspiracy, 16th April 2007.
  • We live in an era when public high schools and colleges have all but banned God from science classes. In these classrooms, students are taught that the whole universe, including plants and animals—and humans—arose by natural processes. Naturalism (in essence, atheism) has become the religion of the day and has become the foundation of the education system (and Western culture as a whole). The more such a philosophy permeates the culture, the more we would expect to see a sense of purposelessness and hopelessness that pervades people's thinking.. How Could a Loving God ... ?Answers in Genesis, 16th April 2007.

August 22, 2006

Researchers: Goths not dodgy

Scotland: Goths everywhere already know it, but researchers in Glasgow have shown that members of that particular subculture are no more prone to violence and crime than anyone else. Dr. Kathy Charles, a forensic psychologist at Glasgow Caledonian University led the study which led to The Herald publishing a wholly positive article and editorial on Goth, possibly the first for a newspaper anywhere.

Earlier this year a study from Glasgow University indicated that, while there is a link between gothic culture and self-mutilation, violence directed against others was comparatively uncommon. Another study, from Sussex University, maintained that, far from being a group of dangerous social misfits, many teenage goths end up with university degrees and jobs in the professions or creative industries.

A report in The Herald today suggests there may be a valuable lesson to be learned from the Luke Mitchell[*] case, but it has nothing to do with goths. When forensic psychologist Dr Kathy Charles of Glasgow Caledonian University studied 700 12 to 15-year-olds in the west of Scotland, she expected to find that those interested in goth culture and the occult were more likely to go on to commit serious offences.

So, are there links between anything and deliquency?

Boys (and girls) who are prone to showing off to the opposite sex and adopting multiple partners are the most likely to become serious and violent offenders. Commentators and policy-makers might have done better to focus on the fact that Luke Mitchell was already showing signs of becoming a serious sexual predator when he murdered Jodi Jones.

It should be pointed out that this is correlation, not causation, by the way. The bad kids get more sex. Charles also noted hostility to one's own sex as a factor (are there no gay delinquents?). The newspaper reports also do not say if the children were self-reporting their own delinquent behaviour, or whether Dr. Charles' work was based on criminal cases. If the former, it's known that teenagers exaggerate to make themselves look harder (and so more sexually attractive?). Luke Mitchell himself claimed to smoke enough cannabis to knock an old hippy out for several months. Charles also pointed out that the same sexual aggression could also lead to high acheivement in those with the aptitude to express it through other means.

Sarah Sands of the Daily Mail should take note.

Goth culture: It's not about crime, death and violence, Show-off children: the link to crime and violence and What makes a predator?The Herald, 20th August 2006.

Note: At the trial of Luke Mitchell, the teenager given life after murdering his 14-year-old girlfriend Jodi Jones in July 2003 in Midlothian, his fascination with Goth culture and heavy metal were prominent factors in the prosecution. But it was also revealed that he had been seeing another girl at the same time as Jodi and that he had had a number of sexual partners.

August 18, 2006

Heaven knows I'm miserable now

What with war, disasters and a dubious terrorist threat, you'd think the newspapers would have plenty to write about. But the Daily Mail has us convinced: the burning issue of the day is that some teenagers wear lots of black, listen to depressing music and a minority of those have serious problems. Yep, the Goth-hunting season is open once more and it's the Spooky Kids in Sarah Sands' gunsight.

May 6, 2006

What the papers won't say

United States: A love of Classical music led to a 16-year old girl brutally slaughtering her mother in a ritualistic killing, the Prattle can reveal. Neighbours thought Esmie Tseng was a kid any parent would be proud of, but her involvement in the "Classie" scene was slowly turning her from a talented honour student into a vicious murderer.

...she stabbed her mother to death with a knife in an incident that apparently took the mother and daughter through several rooms of their home.

The murder happened after Tseng's mother threatened to sell her piano, an instrument popular among Classies. Police are investigating whether Classical music's frequent use of occult and violent imagery, influenced Tseng. Such music has provoked violence in the past, such as the riot at the premiere of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, a glorification of sexual pagan ritual.

Like many teenage Classies, Tseng kept an online journal in which she detailed her increasing hatred of her parents, along with her obsession with classical music. After the murder, neighbour Jacob Horwitz read through her site and was shocked at what he found there:

My God, Jacob Horwitz remembers thinking when he read her weblog, it's a shame that another parent didn't see this yesterday.

Of course, this tragic story wasn't covered in this mendacious manner, and reading the full details, it will become obvious that there is a lot more to it than has been written here. Had Tseng been a goth, or into rap music, the press coverage would have been somewhat different.

Killer daughter case ignites US debateBBC News, 3rd May 2006.

January 12, 2005

Defence lawyer: goth-bashing not hate

United States: Christian thugs allegedly attacked a New York man with a metal pipe because of his Satanist beliefs. According to Daniel Romano, his attackers had been harassing him comstantly for over a month and been spreading malicious gossip about him.

Paul Rotondi and Frank Scarpinito, both 18, allegedly pounced on Romano, who wears black nail polish and an inverted crucifix symbolizing his rejection of Jesus, as he walked to meet his mother at a laundermat.

They spread rumors around the neighborhood that I eat babies and go down to the docks, pick up hookers and kill them, Romano told the Daily News. Ignorance often costs a lot of people their lives.

Romano claims to be a member of the Church of Satan, though the local head of that organisation says that is not true, cast doubt upon the whole story and suggested that Romano is nothing more than a spooky kid. Which contrasts interestingly with something Rotondi is claimed to have said to the police:

You are going to find my prints on there,he told cops at the 104th Precinct stationhouse, referring to the pipe. But then he insisted, I did not hit anyone with it, authorities said.

Meanwhile, Rotondi and Scarpinito have been charged under hate crimes legislation, which appears to apply to all religions without discrimination, whether or not they are members of a church, much to the distress of their lawyer.

This is an abuse of the hate crime law, he said. What's next - the nerds, the preppies ...? Where are you going to draw the line?

Qns. Satanist catches hell - New York Daily News, 12th January 2005.

July 8, 2004

Cop finds conclusion orbiting Mars

United States: There have been a number of cases of vandalism and robbery in Benton, Arkansas, and the main suspect is a goth, so the police are convinced there is a Satanic motive behind the delinquency. Lilith Saintcrow-Murosak is not impressed:

But the police report says that there were numerous symbols of satanic symbols painted in (Pike's) residence. Saline County Sheriff Phil Mask said at a news conference that he suspected Pike of trying to hook kids to join his 'Satanic cult'. Pike also has a band- dressed in the Goth look and has a definite satanic influence.
Oh, really? I doubt an Arkansas policeman has command of the theological niceties to distinguish between Satanist (worshipping Satan, subset of Christianity); occult (hidden, sometimes used for Western ceremonial magic); and Goth (depressed and wearing eyeliner). A personal word to Sheriff Mask: Stick to the facts, ma'am. Did you ask the Goth boy's philosophical and theological standpoint in a polite debate before you went to a news conference and shot your big mouth off? Or did you just see that he dressed like a depressed nancyboy who liked knives and come to a hasty Bible-Belt conclusion?

Satanism In Benton? (Not Really) - Storyhunters: God and Consequences, 8th July 2004.

June 25, 2004

Rapist calls victim 'Pagan' to influence jury. Fails.

England: A rapist's cynical attempt to use bigotry to influence the jury failed, when Luke Weekes was convicted of an horrific attack on a 27-year-old woman.

Describing his victim as a Goth Pagan with vampiric overtones, he claimed she had not only seduced him, but insisted on the blood games that followed.

But the jury was having none of it, and unanimously convicted him of one charge of rape, two of indecent assault, and one each of unlawful imprisonment, causing actual bodily harm and outraging public decency.

Rapist Drank Victim's Blood in Terrifying Attack - The Scotsman (BugMeNot), 25th June 2004.

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