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August 2, 2002

Goths welcome again

Embarrassed Edinburgh City Council officials have overturned a ban on goths in Princes Street Gardens. The ban came after a group of teenagers were spotted breaking shrubs and knocking over bins. Their black T-shirts and baggy jeans were somehow mistaken for goth attire by fashion-illiterate officials.

The ban caused outrage among local goths and prompted a number of letters to the local newspaper. One correspondent, Ross Craig, wrote:

After reading your article on the council's decision to ban Goths from Princes Street Gardens, I felt I had to write in and ask whether all those wearing tracksuits and baseball caps will also be banned? As an Edinburgh resident I know which group I've had more hassle from.

In future, exclusion orders will be served on individual troublemakers. Gardens' blanket ban on Capital goths lifted - Edinburgh Evening News, August 2nd 2002 (when this expires, the password for '' is Crail63).

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