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November 27, 2003

Bloody kids (again)

United States: Two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty after a black laborador puppy was found beheaded. But, despite the evidence on their plates, the police don't seem to believe that people are simply cruel to animals. No, this killing might have been a ritualistic mutilation tied to the Gothic subculture or Satanists.

A sheriff's press release said the killing was done apparently for satanic reasons, but a sheriff's captain who was once trained on satanic crime said it sounded like the work of a Gothic cult.
While not synonymous with Satanism, the two groups share some things in common when it comes to animal sacrifice, said Capt. Harry Bishop.

But in a rare example of press common sense, Alex Brietler of the Record Searchlight newspaper actually spoke to a representative from a Satanic church:

John D. Allee, founder and High Priest of the First Church of Satan in Salem, Mass., said Monday that Satanists do not kill animals for rituals.
If there was no survival issue involved, and if it was killing for the sake of killing, this would be abhorrent to a true Satanist, he said. I suppose some sick individuals may use Satanism as a cover for their behaviors, but Satanists also take responsibility for their actions. In my 30 years of practicing the occult and Satanism, I have never heard of a legitimate group or individual kill an animal or human for any ritualistic reason.

Puppy's death leads to charges - Record Searchlight, 25th November 2003. (and as an example of how horrid and cruel goths are, I refer you to this search on Slashgoth.)

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