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July 8, 2004

Cop finds conclusion orbiting Mars

United States: There have been a number of cases of vandalism and robbery in Benton, Arkansas, and the main suspect is a goth, so the police are convinced there is a Satanic motive behind the delinquency. Lilith Saintcrow-Murosak is not impressed:

But the police report says that there were numerous symbols of satanic symbols painted in (Pike's) residence. Saline County Sheriff Phil Mask said at a news conference that he suspected Pike of trying to hook kids to join his 'Satanic cult'. Pike also has a band- dressed in the Goth look and has a definite satanic influence.
Oh, really? I doubt an Arkansas policeman has command of the theological niceties to distinguish between Satanist (worshipping Satan, subset of Christianity); occult (hidden, sometimes used for Western ceremonial magic); and Goth (depressed and wearing eyeliner). A personal word to Sheriff Mask: Stick to the facts, ma'am. Did you ask the Goth boy's philosophical and theological standpoint in a polite debate before you went to a news conference and shot your big mouth off? Or did you just see that he dressed like a depressed nancyboy who liked knives and come to a hasty Bible-Belt conclusion?

Satanism In Benton? (Not Really) - Storyhunters: God and Consequences, 8th July 2004.

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