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December 11, 2007

Council encourages underage drinking

Scotland: Glasgow council has decided that it doesn't want goths cluttering up the city centre, and has started proceeding to ban them. The council claims they are causing trouble - perhaps they recited too much angst-ridden poetry, or dared to look considerably prettier than the Christmas lights, or maybe it's just because their preferred hang-out is opposite a Christian bookshop?

The teenagers have complained that they are being picked on because of their appearance, and denied that they cause trouble.

One teenage girl said: There is absolutely no way we are here to cause trouble.

“We are too young to go to the pub and we hang around here for the simple reason that we have nowhere else to go to chat and meet up with our friends.

Presumably their only alternative is to lie about their age and go to the pub instead. Locals seem to be bemused by the decision too, going by the comments to The Scotsman's coverage of the story:

This is such a shame. I am a middle aged mum and am often in that area but I have never seen anti social behaviour from these young people. For heavens sake they are just trying a wee bit of self expression and although I don't find it particularly attractive it does me no harm and is in no way threatening. It is hard enough being young much for Glasgow as an inclusive vibrant and accepting city.

Meanwhile, I assume the ban means that Glasgow doesn't want older goths spending their disposable income on festive shopping in the city?

Goma goths banned - heaven knows they're miserable nowThe Scotsman, 9th December 2007.

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