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March 26, 2002


United States: The Catholic League are a group of US Catholics who see anti-Catholic bigotry everywhere, especially if the 'bigots' are simply passing fair comment. Every Easter the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence celebrate their anniversary in the way they know best, and every year the Catholic League complains. They make it sound very exciting:

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of San Francisco homosexuals dressed as nuns, will celebrate Easter with an Indulgence in the Park. They will feature a clown-drag-nun fundraiser and a Hunky Jesus contest. On Good Friday they will have a traditional observance of Very Good Friday with scantily clad men.

Their president, William Donohoe, compared it to mocking homosexuals on Gay Pride Day, something no Catholic would ever do. And, in a totally unhateful manner, he continued:

How neat it would be to hire a private eye to trail those in attendance at these three events. Catholics need to know who their enemy is. But who needs private eyes when we already know who it is: well-educated agnostics, atheists and embittered ex-Catholics who sip latte, hang-out in library carrels and have an aversion to makeup (save for going in drag).

Does the Pope wear eyeliner then?

CATHOLIC BASHERS DELIVER EASTER MESSAGE—Catholic League press release, March 26th 2002 (Thanks to Sister Hedra Sexual for alerting me to this one).
Gratuitous link to the Scottish Order of Perpetual Indulgence.

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