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December 29, 2002

Ah, diddums.

United Kingdom: The laws governing charities are strict, and one of the most important is that charities are not allowed to engage in political campaigning. How sad it is then, to hear that barking mad fundies, the Christian Institute are the subject of a Charities Commission investigation and could lose their tax-exempt status.

The Christian Institute, an evangelical think-tank, produced thousands of anti-gay adoption cards bearing the legend: 'In the event of my death, I do not want my children to be adopted by homosexuals.' They were published last spring when the House of Lords was debating whether to amend the Adoption and Children Bill to allow unmarried and gay couples to adopt children - a move designed to help find homes for the 60,000 children in local authority care - which the Lords finally approved last month.

The initial complaint was made by the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association who objected to money raised by a tax exepmt charity being used to promote plain, straightforward bigotry.

Gays hit back at charity on right to adoptThe Observer, 29th December 2002; Charity Commission Questions Christian Group over Anti-Gay Adoption Card.GALHA Press Release, 15th December 2002.

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