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December 31, 2004

With a God like this, who needs Satan?

United States: Christian hatemonger Fred Phelps seems glad that lots of people have been killed by the tsunami in Asia, especially as some of them are bound to be pooves! He also seems unaware of some of the more esoteric uses of turkey-basters.

How many tsunami-dead Swedes are fags & dykes? vacationing on their fat expendable incomes without kids to bother with and spend money on. With respect to each of these earthquake-dead perverts: He shall be buried with the burial of an ass. Jer. 22:19. Maybe Sweden can pass another law--making it a crime for God to send earthquakes and tidal waves to kill vacationing Swedish fags & dykes.

It seems strange that such a powerful deity would be so indiscriminate as to wipe out thousands of innocent people just because Sweden made use of its hate-speech law. Even stranger, as the Bible verse quoted seems to be a punishment the same God threatened to mete out for excessive bloodthirstiness.

But it seems that it wasn't just the Swedes God has it in for, as 3000 US citizens are known to have died in the disaster. This is a Good Thing to bloodthirsty Phelps, who also seems to admire murderous Islamist loons.

Yes! Thank God for Sept. 11 and 3,000 dead sodomite Americans in 2001. God sent the Muslim planes to destroy fag New York's twin towers and hurl 3,000 vile Americans into Hell. Even so, God sent Tsunami last week to exercute vengeance upon another 3,000 carcasses swallowed up in Asian jungles, and concerning each of whom it shalll be said: He shall be buried with the burial of an ass. Jer. 22:19.

America is awash in diseased fag feces & semen!
America: apostate land of the sodomite damned!

And the reason God, again, used such a blunt tool is because Massachusetts gives the same civil rights to same-sex couples as are available to opposite-sex ones. You'd think he'd make his point better if he'd got one of the gay resorts and left everywhere else alone?

It's a good thing this God character is nothing more than a figment of Phelps' sectionable imagination, or we'd have to lock him up and throw away the key.

Thank God for Tsunami & 2,000 dead Swedes!!! (PDF)—Westboro' Baptist Church News Release, 29th December 2004; Thank God for Tsunami. Thank God for 3,000 dead Americans (PDF)—Westboro' Baptist Church News Release, 1st January 2005 (oops, hope that wasn't embargoed!). Thanks to Pastor Best.

December 10, 2004

Jesus was a poof! Pthrrrrpppp!!!!!

Scotland: An organisation of alleged Christians is upset about a play they have refused to see, and which played the Edinburgh Fringe to critical acclaim about five years ago.

Corpus Christi by American playwright Terence McNally, depicts Jesus and his disciples as gay men in a Texas town and is being performed at the Crawford Arts Centre in St. Andrews. The protestors, who haven't read the play either, insist that Jesus uses naughty words: I don't like Christ portrayed as a filthy, swearing, pervert. The play's director Zsuzsi Lyndsay, did not notice any of this, and had the strange belief that it contained a message that Christianity was for everyone, not just ignorant bigots:

She said: What we were trying to do is to reiterate the fact that Jesus is for everyone, not just for people who are straight but for homosexuals as well.

I have the deepest respect for their beliefs, I'd have even more respect for them though if they came to see the show and saw what they were picketing against.

I'm afraid that Jesus is not portrayed as a drunken, foul-mouthed messiah and if you read the play you would know that.

He doesn't say one bad word throughout the play.

One Born-Again Christian who saw the play, was much more sensible.

On leaving the opening night, she said: I consider myself a born again Christian and a lot of stuff which happened in that play, I could see as being offensive.

But we live in a world where stuff like this happens and you've to take these things with a pinch of salt.

You know what's going to happen in the play and I enjoyed it.

One member of extremists 'Christian' Voice did see enough of the play to give him an excuse to waste police time. The anonymous fundie has file a complain of blasphemy against Fife Constabulary, who are now obliged to investage rather than, say, catching rapists and murderers. The last public prosecution for blasphemy in Scotland was in 1843.

In the meantime, if you want to go and see the play, you're out of luck—its entire run has sold out.

Fury over 'gay Jesus' productionBBC News, 10th December 2004.

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