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June 23, 2005

Irony defined

New Zealand: Red Wolf might be convinced all the loons are in Australia, but it seems that the neighbours have religious bampots too. Take 'Bishop' Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church, for example. It seems, as it typical of his type, the presence of out pooves makes him uneasy:

Helen Clark's government bore much of the responsibility for the decline in the nation's moral values, he told the crowd - particularly since the introduction of the Civil Union bill, now the Civil Union Act.

Sodomy had a 10-year prison sentence [in New Zealand] once upon a time.

You thought it was just so a few people in a corner could practise their homosexuality . . . we knew the deeper agenda.

They ordered it law so they could get your child and your grandchild.

I never knew that Christians married children.

After plenty of ranting along this line, and getting upset about the existence of a Muslim MP, he whined that the media were allowed to get away with portraying us as Nazis and haters and a cult. Perhaps his hate speech might have something to do with this?

Homosexual agenda blasted by Tamaki - Rotorua Daily Post, 23rd June 2005; see also The Homosexual Agenda.

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