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January 11, 2005

More on blasphemy

Roz Kaveney remembered to watch Jerry Springer - The Opera and made a few pertinant observations in her LiveJournal. First she notes the despicable behaviour of the alleged Christians protesting about the show:

My reaction to 'Jerry Springer the Musical' was what I thought instantly when very tired. However, I am now angry because of the death threats against television executives and the proposed blasphemy prosecution. One of the reasons for my anger is that the Evangelical Christians are lying again - they claimed 8000 swear words by counting every individual chorus members' every individual curse, for one thing. For another, they claimed that Jesus was represented as a coprophiliac baby fetishist, whereas the truth is that the same actor plays both parts, and the nappy for the one becomes the loin cloth for the other. There is no more identity between the characters claimed than there is when the actor who plays the bisexual multiple adulterer turns up as God the Father. This is known as bearing false witness against your neighbour - when it results in death threats after posting peoples' home addresses alongside lies, it becomes incitement.

The site should be prosecuted, but it won't be.

Then follows an intersting analysis of the show, and how it could be read as a positive religious statement:

There is a more interesting reading which shows us the dysfunctional people who go on the Springer show and suggests that the characters of Christian mythology are not as unlike them as all that. And it does not say so entirely in a ' there is something of God in all of us' idealistic way - it is saying that, viewed objectively, the power struggles of God and Satan, and the treatment of Adam and Eve, and even the decision of Jesus to leave his mother to her fate because of the overpowering demands of his mission, are as dysfunctional as adultery, fetishism and other pastimes.

She concludes with an interesting observation about idolatry.

One of the reasons why I am not a Christian is that it seems to me that to worship any sort of God human minds are capable of creating is to commit idolatry - we are not big enough or clever enough to know what sort of being inhabits the spiritual realm.

Jerry Springer 2 and other stuff - Roz Kaveney's Journal, 10th January 2005. See also 'Christians' show complete lack of faith in God - Pagan Prattle, 10th January 2005.

January 10, 2005

'Christians' show complete lack of faith in God

United Kingdom: A group of god-botherers with a history of wasting police time have threatened to bring a blasphemy case against the BBC for showing Jerry Springer: The Opera. The show parodies the well known American TV programme by featuring Biblical characters in the roles of the various losers who go on Jerry Springer—Mary is a single mother who feels that the father of her child has abandoned her, for example. But, this is too much for the extremists at Christian Voice, who seem to believe in a deity so pathetic that it cannot stand being a part of popular culture, and is too feeble to do anything about it.

Christian Voice national director Stephen Green said: If Jerry Springer - The Opera isn't blasphemous then nothing in Britain is sacred.

He said the show was much worse than he expected when he saw it and said it portrayed Jesus as a coprophiliac sexual deviant. A coprophiliac is someone sexually aroused by faeces.

[Jesus] proclaims he is a bit gay, he has this shouting match with the devil - it's just foul-mouthed tirades against the devil and against his blessed mother, Mr Green said.

The damage that must have done to impressionable young people is incalculable.

No mention was made of the amount of damage done to young people by sexually abusive Christian priests.

Before the show was broadcast, Christian Voice orchestrated a campaign to complain about it. They also published the private phone numbers of BBC employees on their website, resulting in threating calls, and held tiny demonstrations outside BBC buildings.

The organisation recently tried to bring a blasphemy charge against a production of Corpus Christi in St. Andrews, but Fife Constabulary decided not to waste their time with the case. Now, they plan to bring a private prosecution instead:

He said his group would meet lawyers this week to begin legal action, adding he did not ask the police to undertake a blasphemy investigation because we don't have a great deal of confidence in the ability of the police to take any action.

Maybe the National Secular Society should orchestate complaints every time the God Channel broadcasts Pat Robertson's hate speech.

Group to act over Springer operaBBC News, 10th January 2005; Jesus was a poof! Pthrrrrpppp!!!!!Pagan Prattle, 10th December 2004. There is a Jerry Springer - the Opera web site, but I'm not going to link to it because they have deliberately broken it. Use Google.

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