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May 9, 2002

Book of the month

Prattle favourite Jack Chick has a new tract out. The Nervous Witch is all about a group of witches who curse their uncle because he happens to be a Christian of the annoying, won't-shut-up, variety (I'd have thought a restraining order would be more effective, but...). The uncle tries to evangelise them repeatedly, to the point where a baseball bat would be even more effective than a restraining order, but fails until he assaults one of the women who accepts Jesus as a result of the bullying. When asked how she got into "The Craft", she says:

Through the Harry Potter books! We wanted his powers... so we called for spirit guides. The they came into us. They led us into stuff we found in the Harry Potter books -- tarot cards, ouija boards, crystal balls.

All this is apparently to promote a new video - Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged. What took Chick so long to get round to it? The Nervous Witch, Chick Publications.

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