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August 26, 2002

Fundie fiction is evil too

The Left Behind series are Christian science fiction books, graphic novels and other products by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye and by all accounts they're pretty dire. I can't tell you any more because they don't want to use their web site as a marketing tool - it uses Flash so extensively that it's not accessible. But perhaps this is good for my eternal soul. According to Lisa Ruby, author of GOD'S WRATH on Left Behind, the Left Behind series is not only unbiblical in many ways, it is anti-biblical and anti-Christian. The God of the Left Behind series is Satan in disguise, and the reader is unknowingly embracing him with open arms. More detail can be found at Liberty to the Captives web site:

Our goals are to expose the false doctrines in Tim LaHaye's books and the Left Behind series and all practices and teachings in the church that are contrary to sound doctrine. Other topics include the true gospel vs. the false gospel, the planned satanic infiltration into the church; false teachings about Satan in Jim Pappas' Christiana: The Pilgrim's Progress Part II, ways a Christians can be harmed by Satan and his followers and what to do about it, the New Age infiltration of the church; why rock music is unholy, Jesus' promise of a post-tribulation rapture, propaganda techniques used to influence Christians' doctrinal beliefs, witchcraft in the Harry Potter books, Tim LaHaye's false teachings about the mark of the beast, scripture-twisting in the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible: King James, walking after the flesh vs. walking in the Spirit; Christian liberty vs. license to sin; home histories of godly saints; spiritual authority; Bible deliverance from evil spirits; fasting and praying; satanic markings on the work of professed Christians, the various ways Satan's servants work to try to spiritually destroy Christians.

The site also explains why most holidays are evil and exposes the NWO and Planned Martial Law.

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