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September 25, 2002

Want your book read? Get it banned.

Librarians in Missouri have discovered that the surest way to get everyone to read a book is to ban it. Ever since a local school library banned Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's award-winning Alice series, about an adolescent girl dealing with growing up, the books have been constantly checked out of the local public library. The Harry Potter books are still the most frequently challenged works.

(Will Harrell, executive director of the ACLU of Texas) said the highest number of challenges were based on mystical and pagan references in books. A third of all challenges were based on those concerns.
That suggests to us a movement that is religiously based that is targeting schools to influence, he told the Houston Chronicle for its Sept. 20 editions.

Missouri librarians latest to discover: Banning makes books popular - Associated Press, September 24th 2002.
Banned Books Week web site.

September 19, 2002

Annoying angry youths further

London's police chief wants barking mad fundies to help deter young people from crime. Sir John Stevens wants to the Bible bashers to reach out to disaffected young people, citing research done as a result of the Damilola Taylor case. The Evangelical Alliance is naturally enthusiastic:

Senior members of the Evangelical Alliance are to meet Sir John in coming weeks to discuss ways of collaborating. The alliance, which is launching a values advertising campaign on the theme of forgiveness, also issued a 10 point plan, including praying for the police and even adopting individual officers and police stations to offer them support.

There is evidence that young people listen to evangelists - look at the increased success of the Harry Potter books after Christian extremists started campaigning against them.

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