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June 23, 2003

From the horse's mouth

The BBC got a confused Wiccan to review the new Harry Potter book. So what did Marysia Kolodziej have to say about the 'real' magic in there?

All most of us will be talking about for the next few weeks will be this book, at least among my pagan friends, despite the fact there is very little crossover between the world of Harry Potter and the real world of wicca and witchcraft.
In this book the only relevant topics are divination classes and a brief discussion of life after death. Magic in Harry Potter is a science not an art, a fact not a philosophy or religion.
In fact there is very little religion at all in the books. But we can all see ourselves in the characters whether we are witches or not.

Harry Potter: The witch's view - BBC News, 23rd June 2003.

June 21, 2003

A quiet day

You'd never know, if I didn't tell you. There's a new Harry Potter book out apparently.

For some, the choice of the Summer Solstice as a release date is terribly significant. The anonymous 'New World Order' posted NEW WORLD ORDER - Occult Revival: to several Christian groups and observes

The release date for the latest Harry Potter novel, The Order of the Phoenix, was set for the day of the Summer Solstice, the 21st June 2003 - a crucial date in the REAL occult calendar. This is no coincidence

And instead of doing all that tedious study, it seems you can now become an initiate by reading Harry Potter and certain well-known works of comic fantasy.

You may have been initiated into the occult Outer Mysteries without even knowing it! The genuine mythology and references to the occult in Harry Potter and the Discworld novels are designed to start you on path to illumination - in the same way that the parables of Jesus and the Pagan Sages concealed deeper Inner Mysteries for the initiated.

Others appear not to have noticed, and have assumed all those evil witches are celebrating the launch of the book. Take kcaj, who asked the denizens of alt.conspiracy Druid Luciferians At Stonehenge? A Coincidence Potter's Book Released On Same Day?:

I don't think so. Luciferians use books like this to entice people to become satanists like them. Look how many innocent kids will now become innocently involved and have now entered into the broad gate. A gate their parents many times led them through like little sheep. Many times the adults are the main ones reading the luciferian tripe. Little innocent Harry who casts satanic spells to fight the bad guys and help people. In this book there is no black and white. There is no good and bad because the historically bad guys, the wizard-warlocks and witches, have become the good guys. Good little horned Harry with his little, cute warlock horns growing out of the back of his head.

My article Harry Potter and the Fundamentalist's Mind includes the shocking discovery of a book in Edinburgh's public library system which contains all the 'real' magic and mythology in the Harry Potter books.

June 16, 2003

Must be Pagan then...

The Canadian edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be printed on 100% recycled paper. As J.K. Rowling herself said:

The forest at Hogwarts is home to magical creatures like unicorns and centaurs. Because the Canadian editions are printed on Ancient Forest Friendly paper, the Harry Potter books are helping to save magnificent forests in the muggle world, the home of magical animals such as orangutans, wolves and bears. It is a good idea to respect ancient trees, especially if they have a temper like the Whomping Willow.

Ancient Forest Friendly - Raincoast Books web site (via BoingBoing).

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