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February 29, 2004

Betty Bowers on Mel Gibson

It would have been surprising if Landover Baptist had nothing to say about The Passion of the Christ, and of course Betty Bowers had to review it. I don't think she liked it:

Anyone who saw the Diane Sawyer interview knows that Mel Gibson is a few beads short of a rosary. Mr. Gibson, a serial adulterer who finds piety in not speaking English at Mass, invested $25 million of his own money in this film. Just like Rosie O'Donnell with Taboo, Mr. Gibson broke the Golden Rule of showbiz to put on a show about a man who wore a dress. One might wonder why a director would choose to make a film about Someone whose life has provided inspiration to millions in a manner that borrows less from Jesus' words than it does from a bootleg copy of an Argentinean snuff film. But any Baptist who has slipped into a cathedral to reach out to Catholics by helpfully scrawling Damned Pagan Mary Worshipers on statuary can attest to Roman Catholics' lugubrious preoccupation with the logistical nuances of slowly torturing another human to death. Their apses sport crosses that attempt to outdo each other in the gothic, bloodthirsty enterprise of artistically doting on the macabre specifics of skin lacerations and their effluence. Verily, the Marquis de Sade has nothing on these people when it comes to harnessing pain into ecstasy, religious or otherwise.

February 26, 2004

Spiced Jesus

Various LiveJournal users, pissed off with comment spam for Mel Gibson's movie that no-one likes, have been conspiring and Reddragdiva has posted a possible countermeasure:

All that P*ss**n *f Th* Chr*st spam is apparently just trying for Google hits. This post suggests dealing with them appropriately. Put the following HTML into an entry or comment:
<a href="">The Passion of The Christ</a>. <a href="">Trailers</a>. <a href="">Good Website</a>. <a href="">Protesting Gibson's Passion Lacks Moral Legitimacy</a>.

This is apparently the same wording as in the original comment spam, with ever so slightly different links, thus: The Passion of The Christ. Trailers. Good Website. Protesting Gibson's Passion Lacks Moral Legitimacy.

February 24, 2004

Gibson nailed

What's the situation with The Passion of the Christ so far? Well God doesn't think much of it, His Chosen People definitely don't like it, and the bit about the Pope liking it has been shown to be a touch of the old False Witness. Could Mel Gibson's only friends be the spammers? Let's check a random fundie site, like Let God Be True!, for example.

Mel Gibson's movie is nothing but a two-hour stream of images graven in celluloid at the rate of 24 frames per second! He has made thousands of graven images and likenesses of God's Son engaged in a divine transaction and spiritual conflict, though Mel does not have a clue as to His appearance on earth 2000 years ago or His present appearance in heaven! What presumption! And he even thinks he knows what Satan looks like!

This isn't looking too good for Mel...

We do not believe Mr. Gibson is intentionally misleading anyone. We believe he is a sincere Roman Catholic blinded by the ignorance for which that church is famous. He is naturally very gifted at his craft, but the devil is using his ignorance of Biblical Christianity to create a manmade Jesus to turn many away from the blessed and only Potentate, Who reigns in heaven at this hour!

Ah, that crafty Catholic hierarchy again. And, of course, the film is in Aramaic, not the 17th century Scots that Jesus spoke:

For audio purposes, a Catholic translated the words into Aramaic. That makes good verbal sense, doesn't it? Take words written in Greek, translate them into English, and then translate them into Aramaic. Whoever read or heard, It is accomplished. These are not the words of Jesus! He didn't accomplish it; He finished it. Of course, he did not use the King James Version, which in its very dedicatory introduction blasts out against the pope and religion of Rome.

So not even barking mad fundies like it.

February 21, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Passion Nail Pendant

This bit of cheap metal on a string isn't overpriced at $25 (US) because it's Mel Gibson New Christ Passion Movie Memorabilia. Not that that means it was used in the film, nosiree.

Nail Pendant on 20" leather cord. Nail is 1-7/8" long, and oval tag near clasp engraved with The Passion of the Christ.

February 12, 2004

Where Popcorn Meets Creepy Blood-Soaked Ultra-Conservative Jesus

United States: Watch with bated breath as a film that bugger all will actually see is artificially bumped up the charts by loony fundies with more money than sense who are buying out the cinemas.

Churches are reserving entire theaters for opening day. A national evangelical organization is helping sell tickets from its Web site. Pastors are planning sermons timed to the movie's Ash Wednesday release...
...The first showing at the Cinemark Tinseltown in Plano, Texas, deep in the Bible Belt, starts at 6.30am and the 20-screen multiplex will feature nothing but The Passion all day.

February 4, 2004

Nobody loves me, let's try spam.

What a sad situation Mel Gibson is in. Sensible Christians and Jewish organisations have condemned your new (barking mad fundie) movie, The Passion of the Christ. Even God doesn't like it and keeps trying to bump off the crew. Only that senile old nutter, the Pope, seems to like it. What is a superstitious idiot to do? Well, he need not worry, because the noble, upstanding comment spammers are on his side and spamming LiveJournals with gruesome images from his œuvre.

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