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April 17, 2004

Tearing Down The Passion

United States: Mark Morford takes great delight in tearing apart Mel's bizarre ultraviolent blood-drenched revisionist flick; The Passion of the Christ.

Perhaps you, like so many across the planet, are more than a bit baffled by the runaway success of The Passion of the Christ.
Perhaps you, furthermore, are more than slightly disturbed that millions have flocked to this bizarre ultraviolent blood-drenched revisionist flick and that so many actually believe its story to be absolutely true, and that it just surpassed The Return of the King in total box office and is the No. 8 most successful film of all time and it was No. 1 again across BushCo's flyover states during Easter weekend and has sold 650,000 books and 125,000 creepy pewter nail necklaces [BugMeNot] and you find it all just incredibly warped and disheartening and what the hell is the world coming to.
You are not alone.

April 15, 2004

Red Wolf will be proud

Australia: Mel Gibson's sado-masochistic fantasy has failed to impress Australian cinema-goers.

In stark contrast to Kidman's success, The Passion of the Christ is struggling to make a mark down under. Mel Gibson's Gospel picture has been only a moderate success in Australia and notably failed to benefit from the Easter boost that propelled it back to the top of the American box office this week. In fact, The Passion of the Christ could only make number six in the Aussie chart, with its A$805,000 (£332,000) weekend gross easily eclipsed by Starsky and Hutch, which opened on A$3.5m (£1.4m). The theory that there would be a Jesus revival at the flicks at the weekend was a myth, sniffed the Sydney Morning Herald.

In brief: Schrader's Exorcist comes back to life - The Guardian, 15th April 2004.

April 12, 2004

Seasonal Peep Show

United States: Enjoy this online gallery of Easter-themed diorama art created with Marshmallow Peeps.

What are Peeps? The Washington Post says they're the chick-and-bunny-shaped marshmallow treats that have become America's best-loved harbingers of the season. In reality, they're sickeningly sweet glop that small children love and that, thankfully, haven't taken off in the land of the Prattle satellite office.

In homage to The Passion of the Christ, is the lovingly crafted The Passion of the Peeps.

Another religious entry could be described as Memorable Moments in Marshmallow Martyrdom. Created by two Catholic school girls, it depicted four saint scenes, including John the Baptist beheaded, Joan of Arc being burned at the stake, St. Peter crucified upside down on Pop-sicle sticks and St. Stephen being stoned to death by jelly beans.

Peep Show - Pioneer Press, 10th April 2004 (via Boing Boing Blog).

April 9, 2004

Church Cashing in on Violent Film

Australia: The bigoted and obnoxious George Pell, who only ended up as Sydney's Archbishop because Melbourne wanted shot of the bastard, is waxing lyrical about Gibson's vanity pic luring people back to the church.

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