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August 26, 2004

God vents anger on Passion town

Italy: God is clearly still annoyed over The Passion of the Christ, and continues to use His traditional weapons against it. Not satisfied with the lead actor being struck by lightening twice, He has apparently sent a plague of locusts to Matera, where much of the film was made. The locals were hoping for a boost in tourism, but the locusts mean they have stayed away:

Reports indicate that the pests have wrecked the local economy to such an extent that some businessmen have even started calling for emergency.
The locals though are helpless to carry on the fight against the pests.
We have been assailed by locusts. My wife was on the table screaming, my daughter was awake all night and, although I was armed to the teeth, I was helpless, the paper quoted a local Nicolo Catucci near Bari as saying.

Christ's 'Passion' lures the locusts to attack Matera! -, 26th August 2004.

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