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September 21, 2004

A strange excuse

United States: School is a hotbed of danger to fundamantalists. What could be worse than their dear children acquiring the skills with which they can discover that religion is a load of old bollocks? Some fundies create the most elaboratly fantastic lies to avoid sending their children to school - take Jake Jenkins of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania who claims that witches are out to get him and his eight children.

He told a Times Leader photographer witches are trying to kill me. Asked why, he said, I really don't know.
His protection against dark forces extends beyond his front door.
A tree stump in the center of his small front yard is adorned with wooden stakes: nine point skyward, and seven jut from its side along its circumference.
It's a map of the neighborhood, Jenkins said. Each spike points to where a witch lives.
There's a whole bunch that live up there, he said, pointing north up Waller Street.
The horizontal stakes, painted red, point out the witches, he said. The purpose of the vertical ones? To gently dissuade witches from using his stump for ceremonies.
What they used to do is come by and sit on it, he said.
An orange plastic fence on either side of his home is yet another anti-witch precaution. They would always try to sneak over.
Jenkins won't name names, but says he's got the dirt on the neighborhood.

September 20, 2004

Yet another letter to the editor

QuePirate has sent another missive, this time mercifully short. It appears to be the same as that sent to Red Wolf a few days ago. Let me address it point by point.

so is there actually proof for anything in your lexicon.

No, unless you are using proof to mean test, or in reference to distilled alcoholic beverages. But, through careful observation, we can gather data and use that to formulate a testable hypothesis. Should it survive all that (and, of course, satisfy Occam's Razor), the results are the best model available to us right now. Naturally, this model should continue to be tested (and changed, or thrown out), especially as further observations are made and new evidence uncovered.

What constitutes proof in your mind.

Nothing - we can only have beyond reasonable doubt. See above.

And by the way just how many Ts are you minus at this point?

To the best of my knowledge, I am not HIV+ and therefore it is not important to monitor my T-cell count.

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September 12, 2004

Letters to the Editor

As anyone who's a regular visitor to the Prattle knows, we tend to attract some of the more vapid, ranting, clueless members of society who like to remind us that we're going to hell for daring to diverge from their happy little mindset.

Quepirate has been one of the more amusing ranters, he's the one who announced that he was the messiah and when he arrived on Earth he would be taking down the internet. Apparently heaven to Earth transport is a bit iffy as the internet saw fit to ignore the messiah.

I'm not sure what he's selling this time, but it really looks like his medication needs to be adjusted. For your viewing pleasure, with all coding uglies and lack of punctuation intact is his latest missive. Oh, and he's no longer the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy the son of Jacob. I'm sure Jacob is so proud.

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